The Concrete Jungle has called many of us.  We have traveled from all over with dreams in tow ready to be beaten into the crevices of the New York City streets to one day grace billboards and flashing lights.  It’s “New York, New York” and the moment your foot hits the pavement the city screams, “Hey Love!”  In truth the city beckons you years before your foot hits the pavement of this concrete jungle, but it takes seeing the lights before one is ready to chase the light, before they can even be in the light, and A. Love is no different.

A. Love is a Makeup Artist who teaches and coaches the FREE and very complimentary tutorial classes at Sephora but it does not take much to see that there is so much more that A. Love is teaching.  A. Love is in the business of teaching beauty and gifting his clients with the opportunity to feel beautiful and with society’s extreme demands and distorted body images feeling beautiful is not an easy feat.  About 3 years ago A. Love, like me and so many others, had a pocket full of dreams, empty coins, but motivation.  Her journey started from the second poorest city in the United States of America in her hometown Milwaukee Wisconsin.  A. Love was working in Milwaukee’s booming Forever 21 and began to feel content about life but forever for her was not in Milwaukee and it did not take A. Love too long to see that.  After making frequent trips to Chicago as a new potential home A. Love found her stars were not aligning and it is because NYC kept calling.

A. Love traveled to NYC and stayed for a couple of weeks lining up interviews in preparation to make NYC home but once again the stars seemed misaligned and A. Love found herself on Greyhound heading back home to Milwaukee.  To her surprise while on the bus she received a phone call from Sephora requesting for her to come in for an interview.  No sooner than she arrived home A. Love packed her things and bought a one way ticket back to the land of dreams with all of $20 in her pocket.

In life sometimes the stars may appear dim and we look to the Universe wondering how close or how far we are to our destiny.  In truth we never know how close we truly are but when the Universe aligns and we take those leaps of faith we find that the puzzle pieces connect grandly.  Sitting across from A. Love at Culture Coffee Shop listening to her NYC journey and how makeup found her felt exactly like a puzzle being completed.  I recently met A. Love at Sephora’s “Smokey Eye” class a couple of days after Christmas and the energy from her emanated in a way that was so intriguing I felt compelled to interview her.  I did not know why and I did not ask questions except for “I have a blog and I would love to feature you.”  Interesting enough I realize that it was not a question but more of a statement and one that I am glad was welcomed with open arms.  A. Love gave me a gift that keeps on giving; life.

Positive energy is a source of life and when someone has it the ability to give life is unparalleled.  As she sat across from me sipping her Hot Coco and me eating my Rosemary Scone I felt a kindred spirit with a backbone stronger than most could imagine.  I saw a Man, I saw a Woman, I saw a flawlessly beautiful being who has walked with nothing while holding everything.  A. Love may give others the gift of feeling flawlessly beautiful adorned through an artistry of makeup but the biggest gift is life.  So many beautiful people walk this earth and so many people don’t stop to look.  When I see beauty, no matter what I am looking at, I have to pause and embrace it.  A. Love describes beauty as “abstract, something you have to realize…beauty is an emotion,” and A. Love could not be more right.  True beauty is so abstract that it is also undefinable and seemingly rare or at least rarely acknowledged.  We can have A. Love glam us all up into “beautifully” flawless beings but the type of beauty that lasts forever even when you aren’t 21 is abstractly rare.  This is the kind of beauty that A. Love has and no makeup can cover that.

A. Love describes her childhood as being one of a “minimalist” and coming out of Milwaukee as an African American I can only envision the simplicity that she lived.  Her mum never wore makeup and child, if she painted her lips and nails red the town was complete!  When asked what drove A. Love to become a MUA she describes it as an attraction to beauty.  A. Love studied Cosmetology at Milwaukee Area Technical College and graduated from Aveda Institute of Beauty and Wellness.  Sephora might want to hold onto this beauty! A. Love is a self taught Makeup Artist, Certified Esthetician, and hair enthusiast making the stars limitlessly beautiful.  This kind of beauty is flawless against time.

Thank you A. Love for being a reminder of what BEAUTY is, could be, and should be.



“Bre” – Brittany Kennedy

To book A. Love visit A. Love The Pro

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