A Coin To Your Step When You Sweat


A few weeks ago I discovered this amazing app.  Since I love to run and typically run fairly long distances someone shared this oh so lovely app with me called Sweatcoin.  For every step that you take Sweatcoin will track it and once you have reached 1,000 steps it graces you with a Sweatcoin.  These “coins” can be used towards prizes such as an iPhone, gift card to Amazon, or even airfare to travel to whatever destination you would like.  Sounds like a brilliant form of compensation, right?  The only issue is that you need to have your location settings on so it can track your movements “accurately.”  Well, I don’t know why you need to know where I am going to track each step but hey, I love free stuff.  How can I not be drawn to an app that will reward me for doing something I do everyday?


By Frits Ahlefeldt


I started taking my phone with me on my runs because I knew it was a great way to increase my sweatcoinage,  You can only imagine my frustration after a hour run when I arrived back home to see that Sweatcoin did not record a single step.  Apps tend to have glitches and I truly never expect technology to work as effectively as it was designed to, if it even was designed to.  What I noticed most about my Sweatcoin usage is that it failed to record my steps more and more frequently as I used it.  I received an email two weeks ago informing me that I ranked in the top 30% of Sweatcoin users.  Go ME!!!  Then last week I received an email stating that I scored in the top 20% of Sweatcoin users.  I bet Sweatcoin is paying attention to my steps now!

So Sweatcoin, since you have created this delicious app that keeps me hungry for fitness (or money) how about we create a little consistency?  When my location settings are on and I am on the go can you please stop cutting into my currency?  I was really hoping for that $50 Forever 21 gift card by my birthday and jipping me is starting to depreciate my goals for fitness and my enthusiasm for your app.  Unless of course the purpose of Sweatcoin is not really to reward and motivate people to fitness in which Sweatcoin should probably just be called what it probably is, Trackcoins.


Inserts gapping face here! 😉

Brittany Kennedy “Bre”
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