Breaking Ground Has A Spare Room

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Homelessness is a major issue in NYC. The cost of living and continuous building in areas that used to be “affordable” have made it near impossible for some to secure housing. This causes an increase in the amount of homeless people exponentially but, Spare Room, a company that helps bring individuals together seeking roommates, Landlords seeking tenants, and things of the like has partnered with NY’s leading homeless organization, Breaking Ground, and they are seeking to to kick those numbers back.

Live Rent Free

Spare Room gave back earlier this year when they launched their Live Rent Free contest which awarded a monthly winner with free rent for a roommate for the month with an additional gift of free rent for the entire year! Then the Spare Room Community responded suggesting Spare Room do this contest for the homeless and Spare Room listened. When I learned of this today I was beyond elated. One, I could submit to get free rent for a roommate and for myself! Who knew? Secondly, a company is doing something that warms my heart by helping those in need.

I was an orphan and even as an adult have been homeless and close to it more times than I care to admit. After moving to NYC 3 years ago and bouncing around apartment to apartment for the first 2 years I finally found my very own apartment through Spare Room. It is very nice, in a convenient location, newly renovated, AND furnished to my taste (which was a major bonus)! Well, that and of course my very hott landlord, lol. I am happy to see that a company that is not a non-profit organization has partnered to help the homeless. It shows that as tough and dark as life can be there is still hope for a little luck out there to help change things around.

I’ve been in my apartment for one year now. This year will be my second Thanksgiving in my very own apartment eating and celebrating everything in life I have to be gracious for. I have Spare Room to thank for that. We don’t stop enough to value the little things like walking into not just a house but a home. A home is supposed to be sacred space that you can call your own. We in NY take for granted having our comfortable beds, warm showers, and ability to cook in our kitchens roach free. I know how it feels to not have that comfortable home to call your own. Sadly after my one year in my LOVELY apartment I will be on that search again as I have to move next month, but I have 100% confidence that Spare Room has the website to help get me there.

Thank you Spare Room for helping so many people find a place not to just call a house but a home. May there be many more along with the countless homeless people that will now have a home too, thanks to you!

To find your next bestie/ roommate, tenant/ drinking partner, or solo/ bachelor/ette pad go to SpareRoom Pssssttt, they also host Speed Roommate Networking Events. That’s where I found my hott landlord 😉

Speed Roommating

Happy Home Hunting!

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If you need assistance with housing visit Breaking Ground

Enter to win your FREE RENT at Live Rent Free



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