Where Is Your Money?


In a world full of Fashion options as a consumer why do we support brands with poor ethical standards? Ideally you can wear whatever you want but can we sacrifice a trend to support a cause?

I was on the F train today headed to T&A Showroom where I currently work as a Brand Ambassador when I spotted this very trendy Asian woman with a shoe box adorned elegantly with Ivanka Trump’s name all over it. I immediately reached for my iPad and snapped a picture, just to accommodate my post to prove that even with the conscious declaring war amongst the unjustly backwards political system you still have some humans with their heads in the clouds walking around aimlessly. In today’s day and age, it becomes very clear who we support and who we rally against with social media’s endless options of status updates. Those who dare to go against the grain in public by toting such garbage as Ivanka Trump’s is grounds for temporary and potentially permanent removal from society all together.

When I learned that Timberland uses the tree as their symbol to imprint support of slavery I stopped purchasing anything Timberland and informed everyone of African descent that I witnessed wear this mediocre urban garbage the history behind the brands infamous symbol. When I heard about Tommy Hilfiger’s racial slurs, regardless of how posh and preppy his gear is, I stopped wearing it or purchasing it for others. This month when Dove became the focal point of the latest racist company pushing their agendas through advertisement I decided I would never buy Dove products again. I use their soap as my secondary go to when I run out of African Black Soap and can’t get to an African Market in time. Unfortunately, two days before Dove’s racist commercial went viral my beau and I just reupped on Dove soap. I do not support brands that have philosophies that I don’t believe in, but I also don’t support being wasteful and since Dove has already received compensation for the product I purchased I choose to remain being environmentally friendly. Luckily, the second bar of soap is almost finished.

I believe that our purchases should reflect who we are. What we believe in goes beyond conversation and shows in our preferences while consuming. There is a big difference between someone who shops at Wal-Mart versus Target, Forever 21 versus Zara, and Home Depot versus Lowe’s. We can pretty much give you a breakdown of the personality of someone who is a Whole Foods shopper versus Bravo. One is probably a tree hugger. I will let you figure out which one that is. All I am saying is BE CONCSCIOUS where you spend your money. That is one of the best ways that we can make a difference in society. When your vote feels like it doesn’t count because America nominated another Hitler, look to how you can affect the economy. The world is run by money and I don’t want to help a brand build an empire that will later run me. I ain’t Jemima and I sure as hell don’t refer to anyone as Master.


Spend Wisely,

Brittany “Bre” Kennedy

Brittany Kennedy “Bre”
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