Chasing H.O.P.E


We are always chasing. Searching for something that makes us whole and complete. What do we find in the wake of tragedy? What do we find in the wake of brokenness?


We chase an idea or dream that we have conjured in our head, hoping that one day we will be fine. Yesterday I received a message from an organization called Chasing H.O.P.E. They are a group that supports victims of Domestic Violence and in reading my article, “Loving Light and Darkness,” they approached me in participating in a video to promote National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Chasing H.O.P.E. is putting together a video from victims of Domestic Violence sending the message to the world that there is H.O.P.E after abuse. Can you imagine my excitement that people are READING my work? That the message is being heard by people all over the world!

Today I woke up and contemplated what statement I wanted to make. I laid out my yoga mat, put on some Native African Warrior Music, and began to meditate. Feeling refreshed and sweaty from the combination of Yoga, Pilates, and African Meditation I then went to the shower to prep for this video. Afterwards, I unraveled my pigtail braids, wrapped the top of my head with a scarf, got dressed, and proceeded to adorn my face with light makeup which always makes me feel beautiful. I then put on jewelry that reminded me of my strength. I sat down and painted my nails purple while rehearsing what I would say, “Life can be MONUMENTAL, but REAL POWER comes from within. An abuser can use their words, they can use their fist, but they can NEVER take YOUR POWER!”

It took me a mere two takes to complete the video. I then packed my bag and headed to work, feeling MY POWER and MY strength. This past summer seemed to be a blur of grasping and chasing for hope. My ex-boyfriend choked me this summer and for about 2 months I felt the ground was no longer beneath me. I shook myself out of it only sometimes to fall back into the sorrow of the tears and the pain of the tragedy endured. Speaking up is giving me power. It is reminding me of the QUEEN that I am and how NO ONE can take that from me.

I salute all victims of Domestic Violence. It is not an easy path, it is not easy to endure, it is not easy to return to our center and idea of normalcy. Each step I make, each breath I take is a moment that I can be ME and with these moments I pray it provides others the strength to do the same.



Brittany “Bre” Kennedy
For victims and abusers of domestic violence get help, your livelihood depends on it 1-800-799-SAFE

Brittany Kennedy “Bre”
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