Arise My People


“Arise My People,” I can hear our ancestors saying from the sky.  I hear the beat of the streets and the shouts of our people once again
saying, “Our lives matter!”  My people, our lives matter as much today as the time we were created from the soil in Africa.  I am in love
with the time that is now.  I am in love with the new POTUS, Trump, being in office.  Why?  It shows exactly how far America has really
come.  We thought that when Barack Obama was President that America was finally beginning to put away it’s hatred for good, but it didn’t.
For 8 years that hatred lay dormant amidst the dirt of this land waiting to be unearthed.  Now it lingers in the air, it scorches the hairs of our nostrils, and burns the lashes on our eyelids so that we can see the truth evermore clearly.

I love that Beyonce has announced her blackness to the world.  Albeit 10 years after making millions of dollars but hey Bey, you are here
now!  Whether it is to further capitalize on her career exploiting her heritage for monetary gain or whether it is because all along this is
the way she desired to stand, she is standing now.  I love watching young people rebel on the streets in protest to proclaim their proudness in our heritage.  We have been silently conforming for far to long and now, we are as awake as the generation of Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King Jr.  I am proud to see the hatred I see today because it allows us to crystalize where we really are and how far we have to go and my people are responding beautifully, fully in color.  Our color, our blackness is so rich that not even your hatred can block out our sun kissed wisdom that you hate to hate us with. In the future I want to continue to see our children seeking knowledge
about the culture that was hidden from us by way of the media, education, art, and various forms of propaganda.

I want our children to look at magazines and vision their blue-black skin gracing the covers of Vogue.  I want our adults to understand
that we don’t have to buy into the white privileged society that we live in forcing us to work twice as hard because of the color of our
skin.  It will not happen over night however, we will arrive there if we continue to raise our head high and say, “Arise My People.”

Brittany “Bre” Kennedy

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