Need a Resolution

_mg_1066-editIt is that time of the year again.  To take all of what we failed to do last year with the intent of accomplishing those goals this year. I have sailed this ship each time promising, “to do tomorrow,” which seemingly becomes tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow.  So to achieve my goals this year, I have come up with a list of ideas to help turn our Resolutions into Reality!

        •       Do not say that you will win the lottery by the end of the year if
you don’t intend to play the lottery.  Though I am a firm believer of
speaking things into existence, (it works, trust me)!

2)  WRITE down your Resolutions.
        •       Seeing things on paper increases vision.  Place them on your
refrigerator, mirror, and post it notes throughout your home.

3) Be Consistent
        •       Ever heard of the “Probationary Period?”  It takes 90 days for
something to become a habit, which makes it takes at least 90 days to
break a habit.

4) SHARE your Resolutions
        •       Being held accountable by someone that you respect is a great way
to stay on track.  Who like to disappoint someone we love, BUT REMEMBER, this is for YOU!

5) Grab a Kit-Kat Bar
        •       Rewarding oneself is a proven way to increase your desire to keep
pushing.  Take a BREAK every now and again to appreciate your hard work.

RELAX!  Society pushes us to push ourselves to be PERFECT but



Brittany Kennedy

Note: this post was originally posted on Her Daily as a contributing journalist 2 months ago at

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