Trump(ed) Out


“Make America Great Again!”  This is what Trump announced, pronounced, claimed he could do for America.  America the Great?  Since when was America Great?  What was ever beautiful?  Just eight short years ago it felt like we were on our way to a progressive movement.  Now I am looking at Trump before me and I realize the truth about America.  No one is going to announce “bazinga”  at the end of this though I keep feeling like this is a long April fools joke and all of America will soon bust out laughing.

America has never been great and Trump being President of the United States is proof.  Was America great when they stole this country from its rightful natives?  How about when they enslaved my people?  What are the principles of America that are so great that Trump could possibly bring us back to, freedom?  Highly unlikely since there really is no freedom in America it is just a perceived notion of them wanting society to believe we are free.  We are not free!  America you are not Great and Trump and all the protests on the street is your best evidence that you have not come as far as you try to pretend.

Last week I went to the voting booth to fulfill my civic duty and right.  I provided my name and they asked, “what zip code are you registered under?”  I could not recall as I have moved more times than I care to say since then, but I used one address for a long time so I gave them that.  “Your name is not coming in our system.”  Annoyed I phoned the Board of Elections to see if they could look me up.  They could not.  Since I could not access my registration information I could not vote.  I think this is backwards.  America has the most advanced civilization and yet a citizen cannot access their voting information through some form of advanced technology even when using their name, birthdate, and social?  Matter of fact, you don’t even require a social!  The system needs to be more efficient.  People should  be able to obtain the information necessary in order for us to vote within our zone.

America is at a critical time as it usually is.  We are at war.  We have been at war.  We are at war within the war that America was founded on and a change is long overdue.  We cannot continue to say that change is coming.  Change is now.  

I trusted Hillary to be President.  Trump I do not trust.  I am not sure if Trump said the things he said during his campaign for publicity or if he really believes the controversial things that spewed from his lips.  America is now his huge tower and we’ve been Trumped for far too long.

Change the cards NOW because this deck has us trumped for the next four years.

Trumped Out,

Brittany Kennedy

Note: this post was originally posted on Her Daily as a contributing journalist 2 months ago at http://her

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