God not Love


How does a four letter word become so controversial for those who believe in it?


We look at the world through eyes that are not our own.  How can we be so blind to see?  My understanding of God was that I, as the Christian that I was must believe in Jesus to get to God.  I was taught that every other religion was WRONG.  I was taught that they, those who do not worship Christ can not find eternal life in the Heavens.  I then started to become wiser as I became enlightened.  In order to become enlightened I had to question the Truth as I knew it.


Why would anyone want you to have a relationship with someone else to have a relationship with Him?  Even as a Christian I was taught that God wanted a personal relationship with me.  If that is the case then why do I need a middle man to speak to my CREATOR?  I believe that if my CREATOR wants me to speak to Him HE would desire a direct conversation with me.  HE would desire that I have direct access to HIM.

My problem with Christians today is that they seem to worship Jesus and not GOD.  Do you not remember who created Jesus?  Do you forget that Jesus was a MAN?  He is NOT the CREATOR, He was CREATED!  In GOD’s image mind you so why do you put so much pressure on people to follow your way?  Why are you asking people to accept Jesus as their GOD?  That is what you do when you worship Jesus.  You make him your God.  How do you think God feels when he looks down and sees that you have put a reverence on Jesus that exceeds God?

QUESTION: Do you really think that all other religions worship a different GOD than your “true” God?

Furthermore, who is your GOD? Jesus or your CREATOR?

Many Christians are quick to demean other religions, quick to recruit others to believe in your way, but do you even know your own way.  Do you know if your way is the Truth and if so, how?  Did you google it?  Or are you saving faith on the good old word of mouth?  We all remember the telephone game right?  I wonder who spread the word that Jesus and God was ONE?

The Bible you say?  Ah, who wrote the Bible?  Man?  Prophets?  Governments?  Let me ask you this, have you read the original text in its original Hebrew form?  Uh?  No?  You are reading the King James Version?  Wow, isn’t that the version that was authorized by the Church of England just before they authorized the slavery of Black People and brought us to America?  Oh, you didn’t know that was the only version of the Bible that was allowed to be read to slaves in America?  No worries.  I see you haven’t thoroughly researched your faith ie religion.

I wrestled with this idea for a long time so don’t take my sarcasm as condemnation.  It is not.  My questions and knowledge of the obvious controversy and conspiracies in this world led me to search the depths of other religions. I just wanted to know the Truth as I felt there were things amiss in my Christian/ Non-Denomenational faith.  In my search I found that there are other religions that have more accurate history than the Christian faith leading me to believe that these believers are following the ONE God and makes me wonder who is the God of Christianity.

I understand that this is not a easy pill to swallow.  We are strong in our beliefs as a people.  Many of us are willing to lose friends, spouses, family, and even our lives for our Spiritual/ Religious beliefs.  I know that I AM.  I will not move the belief that I have for what EYE have seen.  That I can not compromise because that is when EYE saw the Truth.

The other day I was on the bus.  I walked in, I was dressed nice with a Animal printed scarf adorned on my head like a Queen paired with a black and white animal printed dress.  I sat down in one of the only seats available.  As a matter of fact, it became available as soon as I approached.  The individual sitting next to me said, “I think that seat was meant just for you.”  I looked over and smiled politely, not wanting to engage too much as usually the spark of conversation is just a prelude to flirtation (when randomly coming from a man) which typically leads to being asked on a date which typically leads to me being annoyed and slightly flattered, but still NO.

To my surprise this conversation was different.  This older Jamaican gentleman sparked up a conversation that sparked my consciousness and sparked my soul.  “If God created Adam and Eve and they had sons and daughters and those sons and daughters went off and got married who do you think they married?”  A chill came over my body and a smile escaped the corners of my lips and I wondered, “does this man know how divinely appointed he is?”

He went on, his name was Kenny, and Kenny stated that he believed there is more to the Bible.  That there is something to the beginning that we have missed but more importantly, the Bible is a story.  That God did create us in HIS image which means we are all made in HIS likeness.  This means all of us have a little King and Queen in US.  It means we all bear gifts of HIS glory to be used for HIS kingdom, NOT ours, NOT the worlds!  So if you really think about it Jesus is no more elevated than Moses or Noah, no more elevated than Muhammad, no more elevated than Malcolm X, and no more elevated than Abraham or me.  So why?  Why have we made gods our God that were never intended to be GOD?

The concept is Love.  One Love.  One Truth.  Know your Truth, know the Truth and maybe, just maybe in that you will find LOVE.



Brittany “Bre” Kennedy


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