Tell the Truth


Lately I’ve been thinking more about the World.  I’ve pondered whether or not I am effectively assisting this world in becoming a better place to live in.  I look at my audience and wonder, “Am I reaching them?”  Are the mother’s, father’s, and children of the world hearing my message?  Furthermore, what exactly is my message?  No one wants to hear another sad story just like I don’t want to tell another sad story.  I tell mine because, in my story there is a message.  I was talking to someone the other day about my life as an orphan.  As I reflected I realized how painful my childhood was, but I see how far I’ve come.  This journey has not been easy, but as I still climb I find the mountain I am climbing to be one that is tragically beautiful AND very WORTH it.

There are so many things in the world to be done.  There are so many hurting people in so many different places going through so many difficult things that I feel the importance of a VOICE, my VOICE, OUR VOICE to speak about the pain and the hardships.  How do we overcome hardships if we don’t know what they are, if we don’t know the story?

Slavery was a tough time for African descendants.  African Americans lost their history and in keeping the history a secret they lost their identities.  Over time if you stop telling those stories you lose the importance of the journey.  So many people don’t know the facts.  The things that slave masters did to OUR people that we don’t understand the present and the symbolizations of things like a picnic, or why there is a pyramid on the back of the American money instead of the Statue of Liberty whilst there is a American President on the front and none of them are African.  There aren’t any Pyramids in America are they, but who built America?  Mmmhhhh, think about OUR Truths as WE know them and if you think about it you will find that the world is never what you THINK it is and ALL of what you NEVER thought.  Why do we not know the extent of our history from all colors and all sides of the Universe?

Last week while on Facebook I came across a posting about a designer, Adriana Degreas, who put a racist portrayal of slaves on the runway.  She had a Caucasian Female Model wear a dress with the picture of a African Woman with a muzzle on her mouth.

Adriana Degreas 2015

During slavery these muzzles were called slave iron bits used to punish slaves typically women house slaves who were caught eating more than there portions.  These slave iron bits were made of iron and had holes drilled into them because the bit pressed so tightly against the mouth that the slave could not even swallow their own spit.  How many African descendants even knew about this?  It sure is not in any of the history text books in America.

Slave Woman with Iron BIt

WE have been conditioned to a truth that is not real and have built false history in its place.  I find that we do this in so many different areas of not only our National History, but our personal history as well.


We need to pass on our history to our children and stop pretending that things did not happen to us.  Even as I say this I realize my need to tell some of the darkest parts of my world as I realize not only does it liberate my spirit but, it liberates the spirits of others and will give my future children a sense of belonging in a world that says, “You don’t belong.”

It is sad when I think of how many of us don’t even know or our traditional  spiritual practices, especially amongst the African American community.  The fear and pain of slavery taught our people not to pass down those practices and languages and it frustrates me that Americans were taught a learned institutionalized way of thinking.  This has assisted in the loss of our culture to the point that many Americans of African descent don’t know their culture, we know the culture we were taught, which was designed only to oppress.  When WE, people of ALL nationalities suppress OUR stories WE suppress the TRUTH and in turn we accept the false doctrines of the World.

When women who were raped stop talking about what they went through in fear of the opinions of others they fail to help other women liberate themselves from their pain.  There are people living all over the world as sex slaves.  Being sold into poverty and drugs and they fear never being free.  My heart breaks when I hear stories such as Nadia Murad Basee Taha, a Yazidi woman who was gang raped by ISIS soldiers.  It is a miracle that she lived to tell her story in front of the UN Council last year.


We must learn to be a people that is NOT AFRAID to speak up about what hurts us.  We MUST learn to help others in their pain and struggles.  It is the selfish competitive learned mentality that hurts us most.  It prevents us from rising as Brothers and Sisters.  It prevents us from trusting, loving, and growing.  So I ask myself again, “What am I doing to help my people?”  Is what I am doing even working, because if it is not I must learn to find a way to reach out more, to love more, to grow more so that WE can be empowered into the Light.

Love, Freedom, Joy,

Bre…Brittany Kennedy

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