Pillar of Life


In life there will be moments where we wonder why life is unfolding the way it is.  We will stop and ask ourselves, “Am I contributing to my circumstances?  What can I do to change them,” or we will wallow in self pity blaming the situations and circumstances of the universe around us.

I am in a place where I believe my circumstances are a product of my decision.  My decision to pursue my dreams 100% though it costs me dearly.  To follow one’s dreams sometimes means to accept uncertainty.  The not knowing of how or when things will fall in place is part of the entrepreurship that so many of us have, but too few yield to.  In a society of demands we often prefer security over happiness.  I have chosen unsecurity as I believe my destiny is greater then my circumstances.


I watch the lives of those around me.  I witness their moments of growth, pains of perceived failures, and the beauty of their successes.  We oftentimes don’t stop to realize the growth that we have achieved as the circumstances of our lives still feel too bleak.  We see the glass half empty instead of half full because we aren’t seeing the fruits we believe we’re supposed to be yielding from the constant plowing, and towing of the grounds.  Yanking out the weeds, toiling the soil, planting seed after seed.


Sometimes we need encouragement but it is not available.  Sometimes we need a shoulder to lean on but the shoulder is not there.  Sometimes we need to cry but the tears have run dry and we grow numb to the beatings of life.  I have found myself far too weary to run yet I continue on the octane of a memory of a dream.  A dream to grow, a dream to live, a dream to build myself, and those around me.


This world is going to leave you disappointed.  This world is going to fail you.  Our world is going to try to break you before it respects you.  This world is not going to see you, love you, or appreciate you until the Universe realizes your resilience to point of pity.  Pity that it beat you whilst you stood, pain that you were so pure, and yet they called you dark.  Love so strong that it helps you stand for all that it failed to stand for.

We live in a world of racism, sexism, selfishness, pride, ego, and things that drive people to acts with motifs so dark it could withstand the rapture.  That is the cold hard fact of this world.

Try not to let it beat you.  Stand alone if you can’t stand together.  Build a house that you can share.  Have children, teach friends the beauty of life, and truth.  In that way you build a army, who builds a nation, that creates a Universe of change.  Until then let death die where it may and life live where it is designed.



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