The Dark I

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There is a woman I know.  She is so beautiful that it often pains me.  I can feel her love, I can feel her hate, and everything in between.  She has experienced alot, she has learned alot, and she continues to learn.  She introduced herself to me.  This woman, tall, slinder, curly big hair natural as ever.  She came to me in all black but she showed me her light.

Her name is Brittany, “please pronounce it correctly,” she said.  Then she whispered in my ear, “I know the Truth.”  I looked at her beaming and said, “tell me who you are.”

She said, I’ve been around.  I’ve watched people, studied history, but mainly I have sat with Him in the darkest places.  He always shows me more and the more He shows me, the more enlightened I become.  The more I am enlightened the more I want to share.

Then she said.

“Today a man came to me while I was with Him.”

He threatened to take away my Truth.  I became infuriated.  He proceeded to try to educate me about Him and I wondered, “how can you try to share with me with something not of Him, yet you speak of Him.”

I quizzically looked at her yet I knew.  Then I passed a window on the street.  I realized, she is me.

Today we share our thoughts, our beliefs.  We share our Truths ONLY as we SEE them.  We threaten to grasp the lies of another being yet how do we know what is true.  We refer to books, we quote men, and we say, “This is the Way,” but how do we KNOW without KNOWING?  How do we share without testing?  How do we answer without first questioning?

I learned to let go of the Law a long time ago.  I learned to search within myself, not within this world.  Then I TESTED in the world.  I sought to verify what I knew by seeking the Truth outside, but not before He spoke to me from within.

I have a problem with history and anyone who tries to share it without verification.  My problem is that history was written before YOU and I and without an EYE Witness, how do you dare verify?

I believe in God, and He believes in me…so are we ONE?

People share religion, but they don’t share God.  People condemn and do not LOVE but claim to know Love, because they claim to know God.  Do you know?  Do you really?  If so, how?  Who spoke with you, who shared with you? Where did you get your information from?  Who told you to share?  Did He speak to you?

See God uses us for His purpose, but so does Satan so whilst your reading your books you should ask, “Who wrote this?” AND “Who told them to?”

That’s what I wonder when I read the Bible.  It’s a history book written by men!  Men wrote it and they say they were under the influence of God, but how do we know which god?  Don’t be so quick to tell others they are wrong before questioning if you are right.  I don’t impose my beliefs on others.  I don’t tell them what or who to believe.  I have suggestions, but I also have questions.

Questions that NO MAN can answer, ever!  I have questions about the questions and only my Creator can answer them.  I have a joke that is really the Truth.  You don’t want to die after me.  There is going to be a long line to get to the Holy Grail because I have lots of questions so I hope whomever dies after is really patient.  Now that I think about it, perhaps that’s why our life expectancy is 75 years.  Maybe the Israelites of Moses’ day are in line full of questions.  We will get there someday, right?

My views may sound conflicting because I am so willing to understand the mind of an athiest.  I get those who shun God out of anger because of the world we live in.  I once saw this world with 2 Eyes, using my “perfect” 20/20 vision and then, one day, He opened my Eye and everything went black.  You know what they say about black; 1 it don’t crack and 2, you never go back.  For me, it’s True on both accounts now that Eye see.

I turned to her and said, “Eye think she just faded into the Light.”



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