For You CATS


Lately I have found myself growing increasingly frustrated as I walk to get coffee, groceries, go to work, or just enjoy a stroll.  “I like your hair,” “Hey Mama,” “MMMM,” “Hey slim,” are just a few of the random unsolicited comments that I receive on a daily basis sometimes multiple times a day exhausting me to the point that has become anger.

Normally, I keep walking but lately my fist has had the sudden desire to meet the faces of the random men that deem these appropriate greetings.  So lately I have started to retaliate.

Yesterday I told a man, “Do I look like your mama?” He didn’t like that so much as he began to call me all kinds of bitches, but what did you expect me to do?  He called me “mama” and I didn’t even know him.  So Mr. Piss Off Douche Bag, I didn’t ask you to open your bloody mouth when I walked by minding my own business all the way across the street.  Yes, you gave me an invitation to be rude when you shouted at me from over 15 paces away as if all of my African Queen dark skinned appeared to be your Hispanic mother.

What in God’s name were you thinking anyway?  That I would find your cat calling sexy and allow you to take me for dinner?  Or better yet did you think I would make you my next boyfriend after blowing you behind the liquor store?  That must be what you expected since your form of greeting was so degrading and disrespectful.  Not in my world “homie.”

I know, I’m vulgar right?  Well this is how I feel when I walk down the street minding my own damn business without inviting any man to open his mouth and spew obcenenities at me as if he has no home training.  I would love for 5 minutes to meet the mothers of these men that deem it fashionable to hit on random women by saying disgusting things to us on the street.  I would splatter hot java on her face and ask her how it felt.  Then I would recite to her all the disgusting things I hear when walking leisurely and thank her for raising a piece of crap of a man that I can warn my future daughter against.  Yes you cat caller, piece of crap douche I’m talking to YOU!!!

I don’t even dress like a whore and still you men feel the need to speak to me.  Better yet you feel the need to speak to every woman that walks by.  It’s like your penis is your mouth and every woman walking by seems to be an open vagina that you must sink your distasteful thoughts into.  What is wrong with you men?  Who failed to teach you dignity?  Are you so shallow and ignorant that you can’t follow the rest of the men that choose appropriate ways of approaching a woman or does your social demographic status lack the ability of basic education in the Art of Women?  Like in a bar, “Excuse me miss. May I buy you a drink?”  Or in a bloody cafe, “I was watching you while sipping my coffee and was wondering….”  These are basic approaches.  Oh let me guess.  You and your sagging pants and swaying gangster walk don’t meet women in coffee shops or neighborhood bars because you probably don’t have the money to go or better yet the etiquette to even look a part.

Today on my way to work dressed in typical everyday attire which includes black tights, a black tank, leather jacket, and scarf.  ALL BLACK kind of like a panther!  I am headed to work.  Excited that I am on time.  Going to grab a cheap cup of caffeine from the local 7-11.  I’m on my 6 cup for the week and soon I get my free cupthanks to their app deals which keeps me coming back for instant stimulation.  Today I got a free mouthful of disrespect as a African American male decided to shout at me as I walked by.  I ignored him and he continued to shout.  I STILL FUCKING IGNORED HIM and what did he do?  Shout some bloody more!  As if his puny little brain didn’t grasp that NO I am neither deaf nor listening to music douche. I AM IGNORING YOU SLEEZEBAG.  So now in my utter annoyance I turn around to tell him that I am indeed ignoring him and that “A woman walking by is NOT AN invitation to speak.”  He said that it was so now I am floored.  I inform him that it is a form of harassment.  A Caucasian gentleman walking with his son behind me overheard it and as I am correcting this boy who failed to become a man I see him grinning out the side of his face.   I think he was amused at this boy who thought it was ok to disrespect me thinking I wouldn’t stop to correct him.  You know what the boy had the audacity to do?  Follow me.  Yes he decided to follow me as I walked into 7-11 as I informed him this surely is harassment.  I guess he didn’t learn the law from the streets the way he didn’t learn to speak to a woman.

Now I know I have ranted, slanted, and said things I should not have said here.  I know I have cursed and now I’m going to stereotype.  Can someone explain to me why the majority of the men that I have experienced yelling obscenities and cat calling has either been African American or Hispanic?  I can’t recall ever having been spoken to in a degrading sexual manner in the street by a Caucasian male.  Now this is something to think about.  Why is it culturally acceptible in the Hispanic and Black communities from the perception of a male for them to feel open to speaking to a random woman on the street and why is their approach almost NEVER respectable?

It made me think, “Why do I love Chocolate so much if I may be treated with Love and Respect like the Queen that I am from Vanilla?  I have always loved my brothers.  Always loved my Kings (that know how to be Kings), but after these experiences that are daily and so continuous perhaps I should dip to the other side of my mixed breed.  I don’t know boys but I’m getting increasingly saddened by my own people to the point where, “I can’t save them, they don’t want to be saved.”

You men need to seriously wake up, grow up, and shape up.  While you are doing so I feel it is YOUR DUTY to go to the communities that lack intelligence specifically the ones of extreme poverty and start teaching.  Obviously these men lacked fathers and guidance from men so if you have learned how to be a man and teach I think you should stop teaching men how to get pussy and go teach them how to treat a Queen.

Yours Truly,


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