Where art thou Kings and Queens


There we were.  A group of us on the train brought together over One common denominator: how to empower OUR people.  As I sat there reading my magazine gifted from a casting call I could not help but to listen to the discussion taking place between 2 people.  Both of African descent, both birthed on the land of America, sharing their perspective and frustrations about the youth, our youth, and the troubles our people face due to the bigot society that accepts, extends, and projects a racist view.  As I listened I became more enamored as another woman with locks did the same.  She approached the woman and gentleman sharing this moment and introduced herself, “I am a coach and I work with the youth of the community and part of what the problem is is that they are not only not hungry but they are not taught…”

Our people are not taught to be hungry.  We learned how to starve.  We learned how to adapt within the parameters designed for us to operate within.  We have not CHALLENGED enough.  We have not come TOGETHER enough. We have not NOURISHED enough. We teach OUR people to starve and to live within the means of said starvation.  Survival is the only way as they seem to project upon us.  You must survive the school systems to get an adequate education and then a “good” job, but, what is a “good” job?  Who defined it for US?

I have an issue with OUR people.  It’s a lack of COMMUNITY.  A lack of SUPPORT.  We fight against ourselves then look to the world for blaming OUR fight.  Yes, as history has displayed there has been great injustice amongst the minority group.  There was a time when we were the majority and I think that time will come again.  I think the time, is NOW for a restoration of OUR people.

2016-03-09 15.05.39.jpg

The discussion on the tube was a beautiful one.  To watch my people engage in a moment where we transcended the SEPARATION and came together as Brothers and Sisters was beyond beautiful.  It was a paramount pivotal moment that we are empowered and those that are in power need to stop feeding off of the failures of OUR people.

Why are we being taught this failed system?  A “system” that teaches us to exist within the boundaries of a box to stay within instead of the Pyramid that we were born in.  Why is it that if we exist outside of that “box” we threaten the existence of those around us?

I am too often paralyzed by my emotions stemming from this very issue.  Our need to survive has turned into a competition amongst ourselves and has always been a competition of us against them.

As the woman with locks went on to engage her opinions of our people others on the train began to listen.  A Caucasian woman sat next to her seemingly engaged, seemingly bothered.  Over time the first woman reached her stop and as soon as she got off the woman next to the coach asked, “May I ask a question?”  The locked woman excitingly accepted and the woman continued, “do you think that we also face racism against your people?”  Her eyes welled with tears and my face grew hot.  She is also my sister.  As I am of mixed nationalities from the heritage of my grandmother being a full blooded Caucasian from Germany.  She continued to express how she felt excluded from our momentary union of our “blackness”.  Why?  We did not exclude her!  In reality the conversation was but was not about her.  It was about us.  Our people, our family.

The woman with locks explained, “This is My King, My Queen!  This is My family.  We don’t go to your house and tell you how to raise your family.  So why do you feel the need to share something that is not about you?”

I was proud though I felt the heart of both of my sisters.  I am proud.  See we have been told where to go and when.  It has been dictated for US what we can or can not touch whilst some in society feel everything is theirs to touch.  It is not.  We are entitled to claim things too.  We are entitled to success, happines, and the pursuit thereof.  Do not take away from the EMPOWERMENT of our existence.  In doing so YOU create a war.  One that will not be stopped as we will no longer be a people of subservience.  We are NOT beneath you and in reality NO ONE is beneath anyone.  This is ONE race.  On ONE ground.  With ideally ONE goal.

Later on in the week I attended a meeting hosted by the UNIA. It was a Black History Month Business Networking Event and Recruitment for the UNIA.  I was not familiar to the organization but came to support Total Black TV Network who I am a Host for.  As I sat there listening to the UNIA discuss the importance of Marcus Garvey and his teachings I began to fidget in my seat.  I was listening to the continuations of a teaching that I felt is not exemplified in our community.  Questions began to race through my mind and when the Q and A section opened I politely stood up, received the mic and heard, “Mike check One to One too.”

2016-02-28 17.17.14.jpg

“Thank you for coming out to share your organization with us.  I do not know much about the UNIA but will do adequate research later.  I came to support Totalblacktv.com and after hearing the teachings of Marcus Garvey and the philosophy of his blue print to success for our people I am wondering,  how does this blue print work in our community?  Where is the evidence of how this has and is currently being implemented with proven success?  Sadly, as a writer who yearns for the Truth I find myself becoming somewhat of a reporter for the people.  I listen for answers that reveal the Truth and in doing so I wait for the gaps that are missing in between.  There are gaps to every group and our community seems to have many gaps.  Though our people are trying I am not convinced that we are moving quickly enough to the rapid descent of the lost.  We talk about coming together and we have made progress, but it is my belief since I have been on the other side of the fence that we need more.  I have watched myself go through situations where I was in need and I could not for whatever reason get the help I needed leaving me to stand alone and fend for myself.  I am not the only one so this is no pity party.  This is my plea for OUR people to come together and help each other.  Form alliances with people that you are around that you trust.  There is strentgh in numbers and it is far better to encourage your neighbor than to allow them to remain discouraged.

Live, Unity, Love,

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