I often have these moments.  These aha moments, if you will.  They aren’t as much as aha as they are divine thoughts, welcomed births of inspiration within me that cause me to stop on the train and grab my phone and type feriously to record these moments as I understand the relevancy of them.

I find people, places, and things to be of utter beauty.  What I find beauty in the most is timing. The timing of a whisper of the hand, the orchestrated beauty of a glance in the eye, and I am lost.  Lost in that beauty.

Today I had tickets reserved for the AOL Build show.  I’ve never been in the audience and honestly never seen the show.  Don’t shoot me, I don’t own a tube.  Nonetheless, I got dressed this morning and prepared for an opportunity.  Being in the audience of a show is more for me a learning experience than a moment to get some FaceTime.

When I arrived I approached the gentleman at the turnstile ready to head up for my “experience.” He, with an already practiced script in head, prepared to inform me that I could not be in the audience today.  My mind races through the various checkpoints that I went through to be there.  From waking up, to getting dressed, doing my hair, and going to Sephora to get makeup just to be there.  See, I’m not Beyonce, I’m Bre, and I don’t wake up like this.  Neither does she, and rarely does any woman.  Notwithstanding, I am calculating everything it cost me to be standing there while listening to his very polite decline of invitation/ reservation to the show.  While I’m at it I am also calculating that I am early as the instructions stated.  5 minutes early albeit, perhaps I could have been earlier, but I am early!  He offers me to come to 2 shows at a later date and stay for this one if I choose but not as I had reserved.

Well, my mind wants to get angry and say, “No thank you,” ever so graciously and walk off.  Apparently I have learned patience on another dimension as my body didn’t move and I said, “I’ll stay.”  He appeared shocked at my calm response.  Perhaps typically receives an irate response.

I entered the audience section and sat down unexpectedly of how this show would be.  Deborah Norville of Inside Edition is the first guest.  She begins answering the interview questions with ease, grace, excitement and I am instantly engaged.  Not by WHO she is but by WHAT she is.  I feel her presence, her energy, her warmth.  I feel substance.  It’s not just her words but as she speaks she mentions spirituality on numerous occasions and suddenly my heart is melting.  She talks about the beginning stages of her career and recalls being on the phone with her son saying bedtime prayers with him while away for work.  This is not just a business woman, a TV personality, this is a believer.  A light.  Silence.


Next was Mr. Malcolm-Jamal Warner.  I should have been on the edge of my seat right?  I should have been excited to meet the star that I knew so well from The Cosby Show, an all time favorite of mine.  No, honestly, I am sorry Mr. Warner, because I do think that you are great, but I didn’t know your name.  Don’t be offended please because I don’t know names well.  I know people, but I know I won’t forget your name now.  Was it energy?  Yes and no.


He was humorous off the back.  A humorous man catches my attention any day!  He was attractive too.  His head shot that was displayed didn’t match the man before me.  It doesnt, if I may say as a Photographer and Model, capture the entire essence of Malcolm-Jamal Warner.  Maybe it catches an essence of who is and just I didn’t see that today but, the man I saw was much more.

Substance doesn’t begin to describe Malcolm-Jamal.  I came in to be an audience member.  That was it.  I didn’t come to get star struck or anything and after today I see the reality of my half meant jokes when I say, “I don’t get star struck.”  I really don’t.  I do find myself impressed by a “star”.  I’m impressed by their careers, their journeys, the time it took for them to be where they are.  I’m proud even, because I understand their journey as their journey is my journey.  Not in its entirety as we all have our own journey, but in terms of career I’m walking a similar walk, fighting a similar fight, so in that regard we have the same journey.


Back to Malcolm-Jamal and Deborah. I was beyond impressed with the substance.  Malcolm-Jamal is a man of true substance.  It’s not an act, it’s not a show, it’s not for TV.  That man that I saw has beliefs, morals, values that mean something in this Universe.  It’s beautiful, utterly beautiful.  To see a man with that success who knows who he is, where is is from, and is willing to voice his beliefs and perceptions to the world.  To me, that’s a man.

Deborah too. We’ll that’s a WOMan.  I love how Deborah is not afraid to stand for what she believes.  Not afraid to stick by what she deems the truth for HER.  She is not deciding for the world what is right or what is wrong.  At least that is not what I gathered from this woman.  I gathered a woman who has been taught the deeper meaning of life.  Understands the deeper meaning of Truth and has applied it to her career and her life.

In order to be successful in the “industry” some would have you believe that ypu have to sell yourself, but you don’t.  You don’t have to sell anything really if you think about it.  You market yourself, but it’s not required that you sell yourself.  You can just exist in a space in which you can create, where you can live your destiny out to its full extent, and you decide how much you give and how much you take.  You decide how much is open and how much is closed.  If it’s your platform, your goal, your desire to share your journey, then share it.  If it’s not then don’t.  You keep as much of you to yourself as you desire.  Don’t ever feel like you have to give to the world to get.  Life, to me is not about giving to get something.  It’s about giving because you can’t help it, creating because it’s somehow the definition of your existence.  It’s your purpose, it’s your reason.

I’m inspiRed today.  I’m inspired by the timing, the people, the substance that lies within.  I found beauty today in a moment that almost didn’t exist, but in reality, it was going to exist anyway.

Life will threaten to take what doesn’t belong, but if it’s meant for You, nothing can take that.



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