We say that we want more suppport.  We say that we need to come together yet together seems foreign from the mouths of those who speak of support.  The other day I had the opportunity to decide, support or routine.  See, we get into this habit of planning our days out and we don’t allow room for change.  We don’t allow opportunities to flourish within our schedule, because we presume those alterations, those minor adjustments will not leave us with the ability to continue with what we desired to achieve.  Low and behold those adjustments may be where WE are to be.

My Sunday was planned this week.  I intended on a 2 hour run, preparation for a casting, then a much needed dinner date that I was looking forward to.  Exactly in that order.  Then I found myself being asked to extend support.  I was asked to photograph a walk across the bridge to support African Pride.  How could I resist the opportunity to stand up for my culture?  I debated momentarily how to adjust my schedule to fit in this event.  I could choose not to adjust or I could welcome the opportunity to do something I complain I don’t get.  Support.  So I did.  I woke up early, headed out the door about 7AM for my morning run and instead of running for 2 hours I decided I would cut it short by 20 minutes that way I had plenty of time to get dressed, head to Brooklyn to photograph the walk across the bridge, and get to my casting by 4PM.  I could have slept in longer, ran 20 minutes longer, and had a leisure day prior to my casting ending with a deluctible dinner.  G’man had better plans and I am honored for the opportunity as more adjustments were to come.

Not only did I make my audition on time, but I also was informed of another casting that was literally one block away.  Once again, more adjustments that showed in my favor as I pushed dinner a little further so that I could attend a casting that I booked, on the spot!



Life is not about US.  Life is not about what WE want to accomplish and I find in adjusting to the needs of those around us that somehow the universe shifts to accomplish what we need and ultimately what we want.

How far can selfishness really get you?  On one hand we do need to be sure to take care of our own necessities.  We must not negate what we need and fall into the entrapment of taking care of others and forgetting about ourselves, but is it possible to accomplish both?  I believe it is.

I think we can give the universe what it needs and receive what we need and desire.  We can not do for others with the expectation of a return as a blessing often times is exactly that.  A blessing.  It should be a gift from the giver to the receiver with NO expectation of a return.  A RETURN is merely and bonus without the R.

Let’s think of today.  Let’s think of where we are in this world and how someone gave to us for us to be in existence, for US to be in positions that we are in NO matter how unfavorable or favorable they may be.  Let’s not forget the journey and the road paved for us and ask ourselves what road will we leave paid for others.

Don’t be hesitant to alterations.  They are many times the best forms of redesign.



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