Dance like a Lion

Photography By: B.Kennedy

She was a ballerina with lines so fluid the beauty screamed at her audience.  She had grace,

She had flare, but in herself she wasn’t there.

She could twirl.

She could jump.

She could leap like a Dean, but inside their was a murky pond.

The ripples of reflection broke her stride and she sought things that didnt belong to her because, she was trying to hide.

The beauty of the grace standing in a race and at the end of it all the glow dimmed low to a place she couldn’t go and when she woke up and wiped her eyes the sap had already sewn.

All because her beauty wasn’t flawless enough to her core so she went to the world to try to get more.

With empty hands she looked at the sky, but the heavens couldn’t tell her why.

So she went into the den again to try to get it back then she heard her father say, “what I would give to dance with my children today”.

The darkness fell and the light shined bright and ending her soliloquy she started to cry.

More alone than ever she was again.

Nothing could change that as she chose her wind.

Why do we do this to ourselves?  Why do we envy what does not belong to us and desire it so that one would go to great depths to achieve a glow that is not theirs?  I wonder this often as I soar throughout the industry meeting talented individuals from all walks of life; dancers, singers, models, lyricists, actors, painters, photographers, designers.  Artisans from all walks of life each beautiful in their own way yet one thing too many have in common; the desire to be better than the next.  Why?

Why is it not good enough to be great in yourself?  Why is it not plentiful enough to operate in your arena?  I am not secluding anyone to the bounds of a certain area I am simply stating, why not be happy with your destiny?  If it does not come natural perhaps it is not for you?  We can refine, perfect the gifts that we have been giving but why is it necessary to want the gifts of others?  Can you actually take those gifts away from the person you envy?  Ask yourself how productive it is to keep someone from flourishing.  Inquire what is in us as a people that is unwilling to push one another to the forefront of their destiny?

The industry often saddens me as it is a competition no doubt, but I can not take what is meant for you and you can not take what is meant for me.  Furthermore you can not prevent me from getting there and I don’t want to prevent you so why is it that we are so unwilling to share?  We don’t want to share casting calls, we hoard opportunities to ourselves too often when truly their is strength in numbers.  On one hand we do not want to take from ourselves by constantly giving away gifts that are meant for us and some in our circles only want what you have.  Some people truly only want to bask in your glory to see what they can get from you and in these circumstances selfishness is more like protection.  Protection from the enemy.

We all have them.  People who pretend to be friends when really they are snakes in the grass.  Give them time and they will slither and their tongues will show the double edge of a serpent so be aware who you share with.  I had a conversation with a beautiful man at a casting call a few weeks ago.  A wonderful designer who humbly shared his personal story for the world of Fashion at my first big fashion show back in NY during NYFW14.  Ever since I have been in awe of his willingness to put himself out there and share something beyond personal that I will not repeat here however, his beauty presented itself in our conversation at the casting call.  He said, “We need to stick together.  I want to be a motivational speaker in the fashion industry and get people together to make a difference.”  I was moved instantaneously.  I have found myself frustrated in the selfish desires of some around me as they seem to have no platform other than getting to the top.  They seem to only want to reach their “potential” and show compassion about charity or the benefit of others only when it suits them.  I remember a designer who began incorporating philanthropy and giving back simply because it would assist them in competing against other brands.  I was saddened as I recall starting Lamb ER Kay and the purpose being driven solely to make a difference in the lives of orphans and underprivileged children.  The bonus was that I was able to create and do something I love to do and make a living, but if I wasn’t making a dollar the ability to help someone else was more than worth it.

I encourage all who are reading this message to think about your circle.  Think about the people you are privileged to touch on a daily basis and think about the people they can touch.  Can you imagine making that kind of difference?  Can you imagine a world that is more united than we are today?  I am not saying that tomorrow we are going to be one but we can be more of one than what we are now.  I have over 400 people on my Facebook and I wonder how many of them would be willing to go out and feed the homeless with me?  I kind of know the answer to that already, but my goal is that by December 2016 I will have a group of more than one this year feeding the homeless during Lamb ER Kay’s Annual Feed the Homeless Wars.

What is your circle?  Are you a dancing ballerina in a den of lions silently roaring alone or are you in a pack of lions roaring against the one standing alone?

Art By: A Donna Khare “Lion Ballerina”




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