The Dark of Your Path

“Barred Light” by B.Kennedy

I encourage you to not let the wind blow beneath your feet. Let your toes grasp the clouds of life that you may hold onto what is designed for you not what others think of you.

People will not comprehend your walk as your journey is so different from theirs that their minds are often blocked to our reality which to them is not reality, as they do not, can not live it. They are not used to the rolling stones of life. Those who have been awarded the opportunity to grow up with stability will never, may never understand how we roll how we do. How we look to the planets instead of just the stars for our source of inspiration. Normalcy is not in our blood and many of us don’t have the desire to be normal, to live “normally” and some of us cannot even if we tried. We have been awarded years to embrace our differences beginning at points of life, points of youth where we did not even understand ourselves but we learned. We learned the purpose of our darkness. We learned what light is all about and we use our purpose as an opportunity to shed the light. To bring children in brokenness to beauty from the ashes of their pain.

I had a conversation with a gentleman recently who managed to tell me, “You choose your circumstances.” We were talking about my career, my choice to pursue my dreams versus basking in the security of a 9-5. I looked at him quizzically and said, “I choose to struggle?” As I said the words I knew that is what he meant. As if I am approaching life in a lackadaisical manner. Since I am choosing to live life as I was intended he must not comprehend the power in operating in ones destiny. I do not chose to play small and the road less traveled is usually one stepped out into on faith and faith alone. No one knows what model, actress, or artist is going to be successful enough to pay all of their bills with their skill and skill alone. I know, I have come to understand that when your Creator has designed you for one thing, a mission, you will be successful. I was not born to be a lawyer, a doctor, or a fire fighter but with my talents I still am that Lawyer who fights for the rights of the people by speaking up, by involving myself in philanthropic endeavors to enhance our communities. I am not a doctor but I am a healer who listens attentively to the needs of the broken, especially our children as I was once one of those children born into brokenness who fought for her voice. I am no fire fighter but I fight fires in the hearts of man, igniting when necessary and diffusing when appropriate. I can still be and have the stability that some professions afford whilst pursuing what I was designed to do. Who is to say that my “calling” your “calling” is not worth pursuing because it does not provide immediate financial stability. I thank Allah for those who have walked out on faith to dare to be different. If it were not for those people we would not have places of leadership to influence the masses and alter the course effectively of the world that we dwell within.

I have chosen many years ago to pursue what He designed me to and no matter the bumps, the bruises, the unsurity I know my way. I was not meant to operate in certain fields. My arena, my purpose, was always to reach the masses. Did Moses know what tomorrow held, did Martin Luther King or what about Rosa Parks? Does anyone know exactly what tomorrow will look like? Don’t judge the lives of others because you made the decision to choose security over embracing the happenings of life. Not everyone is designed for this life. That’s what makes us unique. Some plan, build, control variables and live content successful lives. Others walk in faith, take risks, and rely on the knowing that without trying to control every snippet & facet of their lives. It does not mean we don’t plan for success, it means we as the flowers do not worry when or how the rain will come. We know the sun comes out when its ready and when it does we stand as if waiting for the gun to go off to reach our mark. Never allow someone to influence you to play small because the world playing safe is better than the unknown. Be aware of whether or not going a certain way is designed for you but don’t let others determine who you are intended to be. That was decided long ago, it is that burning desire within your heart, follow it for your light will shine the brightest where you are supposed to be, not where the world tells you to go.


Photo Credit: B.Kennedy

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