Africa Pride: New Black Panther
Africa Pride: New Black Panther

The matters of race and racism can no longer be ignored.  We as a people must face the fact that racism is alive and well in America and abroad, but mainly in peoples hearts.  Not only is it racism alive but it continuously stares us in the face.  It breathes down the backs of our beings challenging US, forcing US into the night.  It is up to US to RISE as the slaves of the past once did.  To courageously shake off the dust of old and allow ourselves to be reNEWed with the KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM of THE TRUTH.  It is time for us to sing, dance, and LINK together as people who have COMMON ROOTS.  Just because WE are NOT living on PLANTATIONS does NOT mean WE have not knowingly and unknowingly begrudged ourselves into slavery.

I feel for my Sisters and Brothers who have yet to learn the importance of coming together.  More importantly I am concerned for those who harbor prejudice ideals unwilling to walk in TRUTH and LOVE.

Did the Rodney King and Zimmerman cases not wake us?  Did Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou teach us nothing?  Have we become a people that wait idly for racism to kill our people over and over again before we RIOT in the streets of Baltimore?  Now we have the shooting in the Emanuel AME Church to remind US how far we have NOT come from the white hoods of the KKK!  What is it going to take to awaken your spirits to fight the fight that has been glaring in your face for GENERATIONS or can we not carry the cross of our ancestors with strength and dignity?

I do not care about the CONTENT of your EPIDERMIS.  I do not care that your grandmother fled two concentration camps and may have been a white Jew who married a Native American/ African man.  I care about the content of YOUR SOUL, but not everyone does.  I care about where your HEART LIES, whether you are of African Descent or Irish, I am speaking to everyone.  This is my question to mankind.  Where is your HEART?

I am quick to call a fellow woman of color my sister, but not prior to deciding whether she is my sister.  My SISTER does not HATE who I am because I possess certain qualities, characteristics, or abilities that she does not.  My SISTER would cherish and embrace our differences and walk with me.  My SISTER despite the content of my being would love me anyway and my BROTHER too!

WE MEN and WOMEN of African Descent are ENSLAVED.  When we choose NOT to BOND, when WE CHOOSE to SEGREGATE ourselves we CHOOSE to hold each other in BONDAGE versus FREEDOM!

FREEDOM is NOT in the SYMBOL of a flag.  A flag is merely a tool to waive in the air in symbolization of an IDEAL but it is NOT your HEART though it can be a representation of what lies inside.  A wedding band is a SYMBOL of LOVE and UNITY but everyone wearing one does not embody those IDEALS!  In order to CHANGE OUR future WE need to change OUR thoughts.  In order to CHANGE one’s thoughts WE MUST CHANGE our HEARTS.

How does a HEART change?  It must get to the ROOT of the matter.

“I’ve been tryin’ to get down to the Heart of the Matter

But my will gets weak

And my thoughts seem to scatter

But I think it’s about

Forgiveness” – India Arie

She may have been singing a love song but that love applies to us all.

I watched Hotel Rwanda when I was a Senior in H.S.  I sat in that AP History class in Oceanside California and a wave of understanding infuriated me.  I was ANGRY at our PEOPLE.  A people full of hope became a people that represented ignorance to me.  We are NOT being KILLED by the “WHITE MAN.” They have no need to kill us because WE do such a great job at KILLING OURSELVES.  Yup, put the blame on ourselves and stop pointing the finger.  Sure they ENSLAVED our ANCESTORS and then set them FREE to kill themselves.  The “WHITE MEN” were BRILLIANT in their systematic ways.  They set us FREE then stood back with the AMMUNITION, handed us the gun and said, “Go ahead and be free!”  What did we do with that AMMUNITION, we turned it on our own people while the white men sit back on their pillars and move on to their riches and “glory” that we kill each other for.  We are the ones with the WEAPONSWE have ALL the TOOLS.  Why do you think they stole it from us in the BEGINNING and why do you think people are trying so hard to KEEP us down?  It is not just other races that want to see minorities in poverty it is some of our own people who feel threatened by those at the bottom coming for the top.  Some people just hate to lose so much that they would rather see you on the ground then help lift you up!

President Barack Obama is in the OVAL office and you people can not even figure that circle out!  He is of a Luo, mixed of many nationalities and we are still walking around pocketing our excuses like mere pennies.  That is all it is, mere excuses to prevent one from bravely facing the world and becoming everything you were DESIGNED to become.  You were NOT DESIGNED to play small so why are you acting like a beach ball being thrown in the air on a windy day with no where to go and nothing to do?  I am annoyed with MY people.  I think you should be annoyed too.  It takes being annoyed with oneself to truly make a change.  It takes one realizing they do not want to live in their circumstances anymore in order to wake up and decide that we have the power to become EDUCATED.  Barack Obama is not perfect but he learned the system.  Not followed but LEARNED the system.  He became EDUCATED, he became AWARE and decided who he was versus who he wanted to be.  Obama is a man of African descent LEADING our NATION and I bet he NEVER followed.  When was the last time you led something, anything?  A conversation with a fellow brother, sister, or anyone besides yourself.  What are you a leader of?  After all of this time, all of this destruction WE still haven’t learned to come together.  It takes a tragedy for us to unite.  How pitiful is that?

We are learning but we must continue to learn and educate ourselves instead of ReLYING on others to do it for us.  Pick up a book instead of a blunt and teach yourself who you are.  Find out where your roots are instead of the local music event to get wasted at while you dance around with your spirit to unaware to see the TRUTH.  If you are going to wake up, go out and do something, do it with a purpose.  Don’t walk the earth aimlessly adding to the destruction of life.

On June 20th 2015 at 8:17:01 I captured the image above of The New Black Panther.  I LOVED it!  The UNITY gave me chills and a sense of belonging came over me.  My shoulders gently moved backwards, my spine upright, and my head rose ever so slightly reminding me of my collegiate days placing my nose towards the tip of the air so I could breathe the air of EXCELLENCE.  I know that I am a QUEEN.  I walk like one, talk like one, sit like one, and more than likely piss people off like one.  It is not arrogance, it is knowledge and self confidence that stems from a TRUTH that can not be removed from me.  When one knows who they are they are not threatened by the ill perceived notions of the world.  They are no longer swayed, tossing about in the wind aimlessly.  They adhere to a plan, a MISSION that has been given since before birth.  To understand who one is is to comprehend your compass.

May you be forever guided by the TRUTH.  May you enlighten others as your journey continues towards the light.  May you continuously seek the light amidst the dark world that attempts to envelop you.  May you be FREE.



Photo Credit: B.Kennedy

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