Mirror Mirror: MY Id

Photographer: Bre "Pyramid"
Photographer: Bre

There is something that happens when a woman does not have a HOME.  The order in which her daily existence begins and ends is one susceptible to chaos.  Stability can not be threatened for our people as one it does the very things we hold dear we are forced to let go of.  Cooking, cleaning, relaxation and all the things one takes for granted become luxuries void of those in poverty.  How then does one hold onto their identity?  Not that “possessions” are one’s identity however, they are reminders of times that are no more.  When I CLEAN house, I CLEAN HOUSE.  I get rid of all persons, places, and things that are not healthy for me.  In essence on COMMAND I have learned when and how to “Drop & GO.”   Minimalism has become my middle name and I don’t mind releasing myself of the PURGATORY around me.  I may stand in the FIRE but I PREFER not to be burned for ignorance stands still unless directed by your Creator.  I think about those who have become victims of identity theft and I wonder, “How do they feel?”  Society can be quick to assist people in need of help but, in a world of identity theft, how does one hold onto WHO WE are without being submerged by consumerism, advertisements, and the lure of GLAMOUR?  As a woman who has been beckoned into the Entertainment Industry I hear and see people being forced into certain categories playing on stereotypes that become difficult to break out of.  Zoe Kravitz exclaims, “This is the most racist industry in the world.  It’s crazy what they’re able to do and how short-sighted people can be.  It is changing more and more.  I’m just trying to help it along.”  These “roles” in the industry can become mundane for the Entertainer and I ponder, how they break out of them?  I know how I do, but how do you?

I AM the MODEL that they consistently refuse at the door of major agencies.  Why?  Am I not tall enough, thin enough, complexion not EXACTLY as you desire?  Are the remains of my childhood scars upon my face not worthy of your 15 minute retouch via CS3, 4, or 5?  Better yet hand me the WAND so that I can utilize my B.F.A in ART and I can EDIT the imperfections for you.  Perhaps my British accent makes you leery pondering if I am another model that you have to sponsor for a Visa.  Don’t worry, I was birthed on U.S.A. Soil.  I thank you for beating me down on several, multiple, quadruple occasions because your insistence to slam doors in my face provided the compassion for me to give others a chance.  Tell me NO AGAIN!  In doing so you opened my EYES to MY ID and I will never let it expire.  Oh world, why envy those in the magazines instead of working to enhance the God given talents that you have?  Why not take the time to nurture who YOU are DESIGNED to be instead of ripping talents from others only to stand in the mirror and wonder, “Who am I today?”  Thank you “multiple personality disorders” i.e. spirituality uncontained and Children of Darkness!

I read a shirt this weekend, it read, “Zombies love what you have inside of you.”  All of that intense gazing into my eyes.  Tell me it is only because you are trying to figure out whether or not I am of Asian descent?  Who knows, I might be, but I bet you LOVE my eyes.  I bet you want to know what they have seen and who ORDAINED me to access such knowledge.  Hmmmm don’t make me laugh out loud or the ink of my pages may begin to run into a new script.  This is a message to ALL.  Know WHO YOU ARE and enjoy evolving into the MAN or WOman you are DESIGNED to be.  There is a reason that the Book of Knowledge states, “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor,” as you are coveting, desiring, becoming GREEN with envy to build your own FOUNDATION you are tearing down from someONE who may be there to help you build who you ARE so they can be themselves.  I don’t think you WANT to feel ME.  We walk around in a world today unable to see the real US because so many DISlike who they really are that they seek to become, “another person.”  You MASTER of DISGUISE you, I SEE you, work.

Hear no evil, speak no evil.

I would love to tell you who I AM and WHAT I can do but I am not sure that you are ready for the TRUTH.



Photo Credit: B.Kennedy

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Prigge, Matte. “Zoe Kravitz: ‘I like making art'” Metro 27 May 2015


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