There are moments when I look at things that I once looked at and I realize that my eyes have become cold, dark, and emotionless.  My concern has been that one day I will wake up and be like Miranda Priestly from “The Devil Wears Prada.”  That I will one day roll out of bed, slide into my GLAMOROUS clothes, rush to my Park Avenue office just in time to demand where my morning cup of java is.  I think I am closer to HER than what I allow others to see, I just have yet to acquire the 6 figures behind the name.  Wink, wink.

Nonetheless, I am still further from the HEARTLESS woman I imagined this world would one day mold me into.  I am less effected by pain now a days, but my compassion still runs deeper than parted waters.

A couple of weeks ago I met a gentleman, Coach Lloyd, that reminded me inadvertently that I still am a lover of life, love, and still have a desire to give to those less fortunate and in my opinion for the RIGHT reasons.  Coach Lloyd, has been coaching basketball for a number of years and lost the sponsorship required to fund his team. We spoke briefly and after parting ways my heart welled as I read the article written about his journey in “Astoria Characters: The Coach Who Plays the Subways,” by Nancy Ruhling.  The article discusses how Coach Lloyd rides the F and N lines several days a week requesting money to afford food, trophies, and other necessities for the kids.  I was moved to tears as all of the memories of being an orphan and playing sports flooded back.

Though I never forget my JOURNEY I find myself being numb to the pain of being taken advantage of and I seem to awaken when I am reminded of why I do what I do.  My journey is NOT about the MONEY, but about the PRICE that it costs for me to stand every day and be who I am.  It is not a choice for me to be driven, but one that I feel was birthed in me and one that I fight to hold onto despite what life throws my way.

Coach Lloyd’s story reminds me of a loved one who did not get into the NBA as he deserved, the coach that saw my modeling potential and trained me for my first competition at 13, and the children that need people with good hearts to show them the TRUTH.

BK Runway A

As a result, I have decided to organize a Benefit Fashion Show to raise money for Coach Lloyd.  Personally, I give money to people on subways from time to time and I am saddened that a man of his age is in a position to need to request money on subways when we have so many organizations that could give him what he needs so that these children can pursue their life long goals.

Please like my children’s clothing line, Lamb ER Kay at to sponsor this cause.  I will need industry standard models to participate in the show, Fashion Designers, Photographers, Sponsors, Entertainers, and Volunteers.  To contact me directly about this project please visit


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Ruhling, Nancy.  “Astoria Characters: The Coach Who Plays the Subways” Huff Post: New York Around Town. 10 July 2012.

Photo Credit of Coach Lloyd: Nancy Ruhling


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