Slash/ Slash/ Slash

That is what WE artist are in this day and age.  Slash + Slash + Slash.  I am a artist/ model/ photographer + slash + slash + slash.  When will we be able to utilize our skills/ talents all at once without having to apologize to society?  It is as if we are constantly saying, “I’m sorry that I don’t fit into your mold.”  Is that anything to apologize for?

It hit me as I was waiting for the unfamiliar/ familiar sound of the (N) downtown bound train announce “Canal St.” over the intercom; Who am I?  That question is rhetorical yet I still ask myself from time to time especially, when I decide to apply for a job that on resume I may not seem “qualified” for (or have relative experience) yet in talents, I am above and beyond qualified.  One thing about me, I have learned that, I don’t “fake it til I make it,” I am already it!  I’m a journalist.  Don’t believe me?  Ask my journal.  I am a photographer.  Don’t believe me?  Check my B.F.A from UTSA credentials.

Never mind that it’s not from Stanford

It is what is and I am who I am so why should I feel like I don’t deserve a photojournalist job at ____?  Truth is, I feel like I do deserve it!  As a matter of fact I feel like, “who else is better for the job?”  I am a fashionista, overtly dedicated, often TOO early, and persuasive to the point of convincing a T that it is also an S.  FYI, totally NOT IMPOSSIBLE!

So why do I keep selling myself short by not applying for jobs that I AM qualified for?  Why am I hesitant to submit myself to companies that probably would be HONORED to have my flare, funk, and attitude walk down their hallways; adorned in my coach pumps, BCBG pencil skirt, and $3 Forever 21 tank top?  Answer: REJECTION.

I have become so accustomed to REJECTION that I have (like so many others) started to reject myself.

“Not today, I don’t feel ‘pretty enough’ or ‘skinny enough.”  Perhaps next week after I eliminate all “processed” ideas and release all juju in my 6:30 – 8:00PM Bikram Yoga class.  Maybe then I will be ready for the J-O-B of MY DREAMS.

Well, why not today?  I am submitting myself now!  I think I have waited long enough, haven’t you?


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