Homeless In NY: Turn It UP!

I am frustrated with a system that is “supposed” to help individuals when they are in need.  Sure they provide meals, shelter, and FREE clothes.  Frankly the people working in the socio economic field of homelessness do their jobs but with WHAT type of attitude?  A cheerful heart or one riddled with so much attitude that when the person “in need” responds rudely everyone seems to look at them with wide eyes.

Question: Why is it that individuals provoke others and when the situation blows up they suddenly act as though they didn’t rub the two sticks together that resulted in the blazing fire?

Classic, oh so classic!  I believe when you give someone “power” in a job where that power is supposed to be used to provide order and protection misuse of said power can and usually will become an issue.  In relation to homelessness, you have individuals who are placed in certain positions where they use the power as a way to establish levels, basically saying, “I am above you.”  Why?  Perhaps because they themselves are NOT homeless despite the whopping statistics that show most Americans are one paycheck away from being homeless.

BTW: I don’t know the statistic but I know it’s high.  Google it, lol!

Some people get high and mighty and FORGET this very important detail.

Try being humble for size.

Nonetheless, I get increasingly frustrated with injustice, especially surrounding socio economic issues.  Mainly because I am sensitive to certain issues that I can relate to.  Also, I simply have a heart for the state of the human condition.  Frankly I don’t care what “they” did, where “they” came from, or if “their” “situation” is their own fault!  I simply care and feel that humans should be treated with R-E-S-P-E-C-T regardless of who they are or what their social status happens to be.  Even if their nails are dirty beyond belief or their legs look like gangrene has attacked it and they are seconds away from having their limb amputated.  Treat ALL individuals with fairness and respect.  They could be seconds from their break through and your piss poor attitude could be the trigger that sends them wallowing in despair.

Now I make ZERO excuses for individuals who can not seem to pull themselves by the boot straps and HELP THEMSELVES, but in the event that you get so LUCKY to be blessed with a HUMBLE individual in need who is asking possibly even BEGGING for HELP, DON’T shatter their spirits with douchebaggery (yes I made that up j/k) by treating them as though their life isn’t already difficult enough without your unnecessary beyond unpleasant attitude!




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4 thoughts on “Homeless In NY: Turn It UP!

  1. I am so sorry you encountered that arrogance. You are so right that we are ALL vulnerable to this. There is not the network of support that may have been there in communities of LONG ago. Even with extended family, people may still be at risk because of housing limitations (or other constraints that relatives may have.)

    I wish people on the “helping” side could always maintain the lens of humility, as it would radically change their approach. Compassion comes a lot more readily if one realizes that could be me, my Mom, etc.

    I hope it is not out of line but I would like to share a thought on one point. It is regarding the idea of people “pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps.”

    I think a lot of people may be directed to do this. Yet we have no idea what their inner experience is. They may have strong and intact physical bodies but suffer from addiction, mental illness, PTSD, etc. These are on par with Diabetes in their chronicity and impact. People cannot “pull themselves up by their bootstraps” out of Diabetes. 😉 It is just as difficult to self extricate from addiction, major depression,etc

    Unfortunately when chronic challenges cannot be visualized or easily measured, there is a STRONG lack of support, understanding or funding for relevant resources. From childhood on, these people may lack treatment for their issues. This includes a lack of access to therapy, medications, treatment facilities, etc.

    I did not mean to get on a tangent but rather focus on your topic of humility by the caregivers. Hope this is not out of line. Again I am so sorry for your experience and I am glad that you have such a strong sense of your own dignity.

    1. Thank you for your insight. I certainly do agree that everyone has a different threshold. I certainly pass no judgments on individuals as I have no idea how they feel, what they are going through, or where they come from. I applaud those who are resilient who can push through tough times and I encourage those who are not there yet in hopes that I can inspire them to aspire in all that they can.

      Your insight is appreciated and well received.


  2. You are very right in now way should someone ever feel inferior or treated with little respect. I manage a homeless shelter and could defend the people you are speaking about, but Jesus wants us to go out of our way 100% to help those in need! and as we do that it’s as if we are doing for Jesus himself.

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