Where Are You?

Moving.  Most people hate it, some people love it.  I prefer stability.  I enjoy cooking in MY own kitchen, setting MY own table, and on a great day sharing the meal with that special someone.  However, at moments such as this having a “home” is a luxury!  As of right now I or He, (G’man), has chosen to have me work on ME for the next year.  Personally I have worked on ME for at least the past 6 years, but this is a NEW PHASE.  See when one “builds” a home, (contractors you feel me 🙂 ) one has many phases, especially if it is a MAJOR PROJECT.  This is PHASE 10 for me.  I know, it is a lot of phases for someone so youthful, oh Geez!  That only means that my HOME is to dwell amongst the STARS beacause that is how many PHASES He has built me through.

PHASE 10 includes, letting go of people, places, and memories that don’t stimulate growth.  It has nothing to do with the PEOPLE as this is NOT PERSONAL.  It has NOTHING to do with the PLACES as I cherish the MOMENTS, it does have EVERYTHING to do with the MEMORIES as that is what I/ WE try to recreate and or duplicate in a “UPSCALED” manner.  PHASE 10 is about ME, MY CAREER, and the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE’s of MY LIFE.

My whole life I have longed to DO and BE something GREAT so that my “family” wouldn’t have to “struggle” anymore.  Now there is NOTHING wrong with that but at some point I have to pursue me for ME.

I hear silence in my audience.

Don’t be confused because I am positive I am speaking to many who have felt or currently feel the same way.

See people judge millionaires when they see them with money while their “family” gets “left behind.”  I hate to pose this question but realistically what IF they deserve to be Left Behind?  Ouch!  That even breaks MY HEART.

As a RUNNER there is a part of the race where a “monkey” jumps on the runners back.  I’m a runner and I know first hand when that monkey jumps on the next few steps are beyond unbearable BUT not IMPOSSIBLE.  I have often pleaded for the finish line to be closer at that point.

Here I am at PHASE 10 and I have had so many “monkeys” on my back that with as much discernment as God has blessed me with I couldn’t always tell friends from foes.  See friends stick with you NO MATTER WHAT.  They have your back.  They are LOYAL!  It doesn’t mean that friends don’t take a BREAK to live their OWN lives, BUT it means they love & support you through it ALLFRIENDS (real ones) are NOT easy to have and even HARDER to BEFoes/ commonly referred to as Ho’s will be a dis-guise.  They may smile with you, network with you, perhaps even break bread with you BUT inside they are fighting to keep up their script.  Their role is NOT to love and support BUT to GAIN, like the detergent.  In order to GAIN they may find themselves attempting to BE a FRIEND by their own definition which I find admirable but selfish.

NOTE: I am not “ranting” nor “complaining” NOR AM I getting on a soapbox in attempts to portray myself as “perfect.”  I am simply stating the obvious as it has become apparent to me what my needs are typically through evaluation of what was lacking in my life.  I J’adore my life 100%.  The ups, the downs, the MAJOR pitfalls.  Ironically I can honestly say I love it all.  I find beauty in the cracks, inspiration in the puzzle, and victory in the alley Hoops!

Be Blessed,


Photo Credit: http://www.dior.com/magazine/en_gb/News/Perfumed-Preciousness



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