Lamb ER 2

A year ago I took a leap of faith.  Quit my aruond the clock part time to full time retail job at Tumi and founded Lamb ER Kay.  With my heart on my sleeve and ideas in my blood one step at a time I began to “set up shop.”  I turned the guest bedroom in the condo I shared with my now ex-husband into a studio fully equipped with a sewing machine, bus form, and sewing materials.  I finally had my studio.  I partnered with my ex-best friend and decided that we would launch Lamb ER Kay together in the heart of the East Bay Area (lol).  I met with a business owner in San Francisco’s trendy Noe Valley where Lamb ER Kay was to be housed at Loft 1513.  Great star, or so I thought.  One thing I learned but already knew is to be careful who you go into business with.  I feel we just have different passions and the dedication to grow Lamb ER Kay was not equal.  I wish her success in all that she does, but I am now flying “solo” though that is nothing new.

Loft 1513 is a great opportunity for In House Designers and I have recommended designers such as Rachel Riot to contact the store owner to house her designs there.  My platform at Lamb ER Kay is ery different from Loft 1513 as my goal is to bring trendy, unique, sustainable clothes to the children of parents who want their money to go to a cause as I donate $1 of each garment sold to Tamu Orphans.  Loft 1513 prefers the materials be made in America.  What I do at Lamb ER Kay is take garments that are new or gently used, deconstruct them, and redesign them adding my own quirky touch.  The garmentsused are of top quality as I utilize my 10 year plus experience in retail to choose brands that represent quality.


I am currenlty in Los Angeles networking and realizing how blessed I am to be a business owner and entreprenuer at the ripe age of 27.  I will be 28 in 7 months and I am taking the next year to travel.  Not in a leisurely kind of way but to pursue the growth of my career.  Now that is living life on the”edge”.  Some say artists are “starving” but I don’t think they mean for food.  I think “starving artist” means one who is hungry to live life creatively.  My bank account may not physically have six zeros but I say the deposit has already been made.



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