Left Behind

I can’t believe how much time has passed.  I am sitting here in my hotel room in LA & I am thinking about my life.  I am motivated to live life.  I’ve left everything behind.  Everything.  Clothes, vehicle, thoughts, and so much more.  Some will say it’s insanity.  I say it is to hold on to my sanity.  I have long since loved a man that I couldn’t seem to grasp.  Sometimes you get it wrong and you get the chance to get it back.  We marry the wrong one, love the right one, and chase the dreams.  Foolish as many say but I am a lover and a fighter.  It is hard to give up on something so deep.  Bigger than I and greater than he.  I often as myself am I going round and round a bin.  is this a fairy tale that I live in?  No one truly knows but my heart feels the truth.  A knowing that this is the way despite what glass gets broken.  He is my up and I am his down.  It is my belief that with those two poles on can go round and round like a carousel in a movie.  I am so ready for the newness that he brings.

Note: Let go of the old, hold onto rebirth.  Some things, some people, many memories are meant to be Left Behind.



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