Over time I have awakened, slept, and awakened again. In a way you could say I have been resurrected. Not once, twice, but more times then the world will ever and could ever know. I’ve had a leach attach itself to me and suck me dry. It’s comedic how one could be “guilty by association.” I should have let her find her own way many times but my good heart continued to allow me to be pulled away from the truth. Not my truth but hers. See more often than not an individual will lie and lay low so that they can be a snake disguised in sheeps clothing. Well that cloth isn’t part of my mold as I am aware of who I am. I am comfortable in my own skin.

I don’t get even when the world does me harm. I let God do it for me. I try not to get angry because anger doesn’t fuel energy that my spirit feeds on. I am a healer, a lover, a friend. One has to be ever so carful as the world will taint who you are by trying to tell you that you are the opposite of what you know. I found myself being too liberal in the company of others. I found myself attaching or letting others attach themselves to me all because I didn’t understand the spiritual ramifications of the things done to me when I was a child. See when I was a child I did as children do. Often being naive and letting others in because my good heart would betray me. Maybe that is a riddle to some but to those who have ears it’s no riddle.

I want to make it known that it is important to purge oneself of things not real. It is vital to the existence of humankind to comprehend those who have your best interest at heart versus those who smile in your face. Beware of demons posing as angels for they walk the face of the earth pretending they love you. I once called them “friends”. The word friend to me is comedic because when broken down you really get fir and end.



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