Don’t Want to Talk About It?

No one really wants to talk about it. I mean the media is talking about it, but are we talking about it? I don’t mean just at school in health class, but I mean across the coffee table during your 3rd date with “Mr. Right” at Starbucks while you sip your Chai Tea Latte with soy “extra HOT please”! Do you talk about HIV?

It’s the most rampant disease right now next to cancer and obesity. Google it, obesity is a disease. Despite the epidemic I have discovered that though we are much more vocal then were were 30 years ago we are STILL not as vocal about HIV as I think we need to be. Don’t agree? Allow me to ask you how many sexual partners you have had? Don’t answer that! Now let me ask you out of those partners how many of them have you gone WITH to go get tested? Better yet how many of your partners did you even bother to ask, “when was the last time you were tested for HIV?” Now what we really should be asking across the board is, “When was the last time you were tested for STD’s” but now a days you have to be specific so I think we tend to focus on HIV because we feel like it’s the most life threatening. Which it kind of is though there are other STD’s that you can die from but we won’t go into that. The topic is HIV and are you getting tested WITH your partner(s)?

I think that in this day in age or really any day in any age we should be asking these questions. It is not just for protection of ourselves but concern for humankind. Every time I hear of someone who has contracted HIV I am filled with a sense of helplessness. There is nothing I can do to take away their pain or the inevitable death that is sure to come, eventually. What I can do is offer encouragement that each day is a day to be happy despite what the disease is taking. I can do my part and get tested and ask my future/ potential mate to do the same. So I wonder will you take the time today and save a life?

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