Unexpected Wish


How much does one act of kindness cost us?  What would it take out of our busy schedules to provide a moment of happiness for someone else?  For one it would require us to relinquish all selfishness.  I get a sense of satisfaction from being kind to someone else.  The moment in which I can put my own desires aside to extend myself allows me to be at peace with the universe in a way that surpasses all understanding for I do not know the depths in which that moment means to another.

On a recent vacation a woman who looked to be in her mid forties approached me.  She walked amidst the sand cautiously up to me as I engaged in a jubilant laughter with my beau and inquired, “Excuse me, I don’t mean to be a bother but my brother has down syndrome and he thinks that you are the finest woman on this beach and probably in the world.  I must say that I agree and I was hoping that you wouldn’t mind taking a photo with him.”  My heart warmed as I realized the courage it took for her to approach me and ask a question in which a potential negative response could have facilitated a lifetime of scarring to her and her brother.  I touched my heart as a natural reaction to the warmth of her compliments combined with bashfulness that someone of my confidence would not be expected to possess.  I looked over at my darling beau to nonverbally request his permission while more than half expecting him to be willing to oblige as I simultaneously replied, “Yes, of course.”  We then all shared a brief moment of laughter, which quickly removed the expected awkwardness.  I sensed a wave of relief in the air that I had responded in an approving manner that extinguished her fears of a potential rejection.  Her brother stood next to me and put his arm around my waist as I placed my arm on his shoulders.  His hold was loose but firm somewhat savoring onto a moment that he would remember, as would I.  Perhaps that moment brought more joy to me than it did to him.  I simply felt flattered by the compliment of it all and honored to be able to take a photo with him.  Why, for a number of reasons but, mainly because we all have wishes in life that we would like granted.  Sometimes we share them, sometimes we get our wishes, and other times we let our wishes past us by.  The ability to grant someone’s wish no matter how big or small is instantly gratifying.  I don’t know how much it meant to him but I gather it was enough to muster the courage to ask.  For that “Mr. Right” I think you gave me a gift I will always remember.  It happened to be my birthday that day and I was reminded by you of how good it is to be selfless and to give.  In the process of giving I also learn how to receive.  I receive the ability to be completely selfless and that gift I can treasure for a lifetime.

Thank you Mr. Right.



Photo Credits: Louis

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