I’m in Love with Love


I’m in love with falling in love.  It doesn’t happen often but when it does I fall in love with not only the person and everything in them but I also fall in love with the feeling of love.  All I’ve ever wanted to do in this life was to love and to be loved.  It truly is the greatest gift of all and one that few are able to give.  It requires the relinquishment of oneself and few are willing to be free in such a way.  It causes one to be at the mercy of the other and fall into utter vulnerability, which could leave you not only falling in love but also simply falling.

I have loved, lost, and loved again a couple of times in my life.  I have never been unselfishly, equally loved back until recently.

When you find someone who loves you as you long to be loved you have not only found a gift but in my humble opinion you have found your soul mate.  It is instinctive for us to treat others, as we want to be treated.  Usually the way we love others is a symbolic communicative message to the world saying, “love me like this.” Some people learn that there are many love languages and they learn how to speak their partners language.  The way I love may not always work for my partner.   My partner may feel most loved by words of affirmation or by touch whereas I may feel most loved when quality time is granted.  If that is the case then giving quality time to my spouse may cause him to feel loved but what he may feel loved most by is when I verbalized my love to him.  Love is the most interesting thing in the world as so many actions are exerted out of the desire to be loved, desire to love, or lack of both.  I never imagined that I would find in a man EVERYTHING I ever longed for. Over time one can get discouraged and accept mediocrity. We tend to settle for less than what we are worth as we convince ourselves that what we truly desire may not be realistic.  That it might not exist.  Perhaps for some people what they want is superficial but if you dig deep into your heart you will find everything you truly want and never give up on that.  Be as patient as you can because for the rest of your life you could be shortchanging yourself married to a man or woman who isn’t everything you wanted while the perfect one was just around the corner.  Love is funnier than life.  It seems to make the world go round…


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