Truth: Past, Present, or Future


I seem to really suck when it comes to timing.  When running I can race against a clock with ease but when it comes to personal matters I kind of suck at timing.  Past, present, or future; when is it a good time to delve into the details?

In life I’ve always been a very private open book.  Oxymoron huh?  I know.  What I mean is I will tell you anything you ask within reason. I don’t make a habit of confiding in strangers.  When it comes to people I care about & want to be in my life I can be overtly honest.  Often saying things that will only be used against me at a later date.  The brunt of honesty; one can never be 100% sure who deserves it and who doesn’t.  Nonetheless I would rather be honest than lie.  Frankly being honest simply feels better.  What is the saying, “your as sick as your secrets.”

I have seen a lot, been through a lot, and done a lot.  Some I’m proud of and some I wouldn’t advertise on a billboard even if you paid me big bucks for it.  I have never done anything too bad but it all depends on whom you’re talking to.  For some people losing the remote could be a crime.  Any who, the question is; when is it a good time to tell the truth? Is there ever really a “perfect” time?  I agree that some moments are certainly better than others.  For example, it’s probably a bad idea to tell your spouse that you have been having an affair during the funeral of their mother.  That is just the extreme side of bad timing.  What about the in between moments?  The moments where the topic was befitting, but for whatever reason you failed to divulge some pertinent information.  Exactly when does it become lying by omission vs. I just haven’t gotten there yet?

As I get older I realize I have a lot to say & the need to figure out when is it appropriate to say it increases as I find myself in sticky situations.  Sometimes I’m early, sometimes I’m right on time, and too often I’m a minute too late & ten dollars short.  Eventually I will get diarrhea of the mouth and start telling people things way before its time.  Then Ill be sitting down for coffee with a potential new best friend divulging my whole life story only to have them stare puzzled back at me wondering, “I’ve known this woman for five minutes and she just told me all of her business.  I don’t even know her like that!”

Truth: Past, Present, or Future.  When is a good time?  One never knows so its best to just take your chances.  Put yourself out there.  If you fall without anyone by your side then in the end you would’ve never been accepted for who you really are, “warts & all.”


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