The Time Is Now


“I have never been a big believer in the idea that we all miraculously change ourselves in January – now is always the best time to do so…” (Wintour, 9).

We typically all have a New Year’s resolution.  Allow me to speak for myself; I almost always have a New Year’s resolution along with many others in the world.  Some of us will achieve that New Year’s resolution, some of us will forget what the resolution was the very next day, and the rest of us will feel guilty about not achieving it thus marking future resolutions for the next decade of the same old same old.  “This year I am going to lose weight” somehow turns into the next 5 New Year’s resolutions along with, “I am going to stop smoking.”  The list goes on and on but those are fairly common resolutions.

I actually did achieve my New Year’s resolution this year however; I did not achieve all of them.  Sad face, maybe next time slugger!  I did however manage to achieve things I did not think I would.  About 4 months ago I was working in a dead end retail management job with few options.  With a long history of retail experience I seemed to lack the experience that my degree made up for.  A B.F.A in Art with an emphasis in Photography was not suiting me to any jobs in the lucrative Bay Area.  Shame huh?  Apparently I needed at least 5 years experience in my field but where was I going to get that experience if no one would hire me?  I decided to do what most entrepreneurs do when faced with a roadblock into the job market; I created a job.  Instead of knocking on doors to be constantly turned away I did what an artist does by making my own door.  I launched Lamb ER Kay, a children’s clothing line with a very philanthropic mission.  Lamb ER Kay is a upscaled clothing line that takes garments in great condition and redesigns them making them, well, greater.  A portion of every garment sold then goes to Tamu Orphans in Kenya.  This past Friday I placed Lamb ER Kay into Loft 1513 in San Francisco for sale.  The week prior I sold two custom pieces before Lamb ER Kay was officially in store and I am feeling good about it.

A few years ago I decided I wanted to be a clothing designer but it was a 5-10 year plan where in about 5-10 years I would launch my clothing line.  It has only been 3 years since college and I did not think I would be where I am today but I am thrilled.  Just 4 months ago I was in a dead end job and within 4 months I have launched Lamb ER Kay with the help of angel investors.  No deficit on my part due to the support of family and friends.  Who knows where Lamb ER Kay will be in 5 years but had I waited for the New Year it wouldn’t even exist now.  Don’t wait until tomorrow.  The time is now.


Anna Wintour. “All Change.” Vogue January 2014: 9. Print

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