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“There is not a man today who can take me away from my [OPINION]…..tell me more,” (Sister Act).  OPINIONS, everyone has them and few want to hear them.  After the infamous song, “My Guy (My God)” what we rarely hear is, “tell me more.”  In our heads throughout the duration of hearing an opinion and afterwards we are saying, “What you say?!?!”  With many, many other things like, “Whatever, you don’t know what you’re talking about, and would you shut up already?”  We don’t say those things out loud, or maybe we do, WINK, WINK, but we do act it out.  Frankly people are going to have opinions.  It is inevitable.  What we choose to do with those opinions is what bridges the gap between an argument and a discussion.

Everything someone says to you that OPPOSES your BELIEF may NOT be WRONG!  I know, take the time to reread that sentence, as I am sure it is the most shocking piece of crap you have heard all day!  We can’t ALWAYS be right.  One day someone is going to call us out on our bull crap.  When it happens are we going to get offended or are we going to take what has been said as CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and see if it can be applied?

Parents, your child may not be an ANGEL or maybe they are.  What do I know?  I am just a woman who has yet to birth her own kids, who was a child once who also was in foster care, who happens to be a part time nanny.  I don’t know behavior that could use correction when I see it.

The interesting thing to me is that sometimes peoples OPINIONS are actually true.  SOMETIMES the person on the receiving end of said opinion KNOWS that it is true.  If you catch them when they are comfortable with you they may even admit it.  Imagine that, someone actually telling the truth!  A truth like (I will use myself for example), “Maybe the fact that Louis Vuitton is my favorite handbag designer is a bit materialistic.”  WHAT, blasphemy.  I can say it, but YOU CAN’T!  It is like the, “Don’t talk about my momma thing.”  All day long someone’s mother can be full of this, and full of that, AND SO “nosey” and what not but, the second someone else chimes in, you are ready to box.  Now why is that?  I will share a well-kept secret with you:


There I said it.  Some people can’t handle another individual opposing ANYTHING they say or think and the moment you do they are OFFENDED.  Even if they know it is true and have said so themselves.  Sometimes it is just because YOU said it.  They don’t like the source so what you are saying is not received well, but if someone else says it often times I have seen them receive it especially if they’re an expert.

Have you ever been to counseling with your spouse and the therapist tells your spouse something you have been saying FOREVER and your spouse just gets it?  They start nodding their head in agreement and saying, “You know doc, I never thought of that but I see your point.”  WHAT?!?!?  Have you not been listening to what I am saying?  All of a sudden you agree with the doctor who is saying the same thing I have been saying.  Just purse your lips and give them the side eye. That is all they need.

Now, I know, I know, I know.  You are thinking, “Well I don’t receive it because of the way they say it.”  Touche, I agree with you there.  That is certainly a valid point that I will discuss next time.  Stay tuned for, “Tell me more.”


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