Note to self!

Really inspired me today and wanted to share.

My Journey, My Style



We are world changers and history makers! By changing ourselves, growing and learning through education, and we are on a spiritual and physical journey. We are all given obstacles that makes our journey different, given a problem to solve and a ladder to climb.

We can either “fight” or “flight.” Our choice. Our decision. Our Journey. Our style.

We are not the only ones affected by our change. We are not the only ones impacted by our decisions to go “left” or “right.” However, this is a personal choice!

There are those who blame their past; they blame the abuse, mistreatment, neglect and abandonment as a reason for their actions. No matter what has happened, God still gives us freewill. I am not trying to demeanor your experience but I am not playing the “sympathy” card either. We…

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