Homeless Wars


I never knew how difficult it could be to find homeless people.  This past Sunday my best friend and I decided that we would head out to San Francisco and feed the homeless.  On Friday I went to the local grocery store and purchased about two pounds of sliced ham and two loaves of bread.  Just to give them a bit of variety I selected a white loaf and a wheat loaf.  Sunday morning instead of heading out to church I placed the sandwiches into sandwich size Ziploc bags and headed out to the city.

To our surprise as we exited the Bart station where normally groups of homeless people are standing around there seemed to not be a single homeless woman or man in sight.  I looked over at my best friend in bewilderment, “Where are all the homeless people?”  On this particular stop there are so many usually there.  The only thing we could think is that they went home.  I mean obviously that is not possible as they would not be considered homeless but we searched and searched AND searched for homeless people to feed AND we COULD NOT FIND THEM!  Where could they have possibly gone?  We expected to be able to distribute these sandwiches within minutes.  But no, we walked block by block in search of the homeless to feed.  We looked in the corners of businesses since it was cold but we did not find the homeless.  Then we started to look for people that could be homeless to give the sandwiches to, but unless they really looked homeless how were we supposed to know?  You can’t just waltz up to anybody that looks a bit disheveled and dirty and ask, “Are you homeless?”

We decided to go with obvious clues.  If they had one of those big carts full of belongings then we gave them a sandwich.  If they had a cup out asking for change, they got a sandwich.  There was one cart that we saw near a McDonalds so we figured where there is a cart there will be a homeless person, right?  NO, the guy left his cart!  So we left the sandwich on his cart and walked away to search for more homeless people to feed.  After being cold and dreary from our pursuit of the homeless we decided to head to Starbucks for some java.  Once we warmed up and rejuvenated our systems with lattes we headed out to look for more homeless to feed.  We got lucky being able to distribute what we could and as we approached the Bart station we saw a man fiddling with the sandwich that we left on the cart.  In our excitement we rushed over to give him a few more.  We approached cautiously and asked, “Would you like another sandwich?”  Being homeless does not take away ones sense of humor.  The man looked at us suspiciously and asked, “You left this?”  We shook our head yes delighted that he found the sandwich and to our amazement he snuffed his nose and tossed the sandwich on the newspaper stand and started to walk away.  Before our feelings got hurt he looked back at us to see our reactions and cracked a smile, “Just kidding,” he said.  All of the breath I had been holding inside my chest exhaled in relief.  We gave him about three more sandwiches and headed to the train.

In the end we had sandwiches left over hoping we would see more homeless on the train ride back home.  We did not.  When we arrived home I placed the left over sandwiches in the fridge and took two with me to work the next day.  I remembered seeing a homeless man under the bridge the last time I went to work.  As I walked by him the next morning I asked if he would like the sandwiches.  He took them.

Feeding the homeless wasn’t bad at all.  Finding them was a challenge.  Next time I think we will feed them when it is warm out.  I think they find shelter when it is cold.


Photo Credit: Licky

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6 thoughts on “Homeless Wars

  1. Good looking out’!” 😀
    Sometimes it’s a matter of being wiling to be open to having our daily activities “interrupted” as our hearts are touched by those whose paths we cross along the way.

  2. So… you were getting frustrated that there were no homeless people around to feed?? How about instead of selfishly wondering how YOU can make yourself feel like a “good Samaritan” by feeding “the homeless” (as you so eloquently put it), be GLAD that some people who ACTUALLY CARE about the temporarily homeless human beings out there, are probably helping them find better housing situations.

    Get over yourself. Just because you ran around the city trying to find “a homeless person” to give a sandwich to doesn’t mean shit. At the end of the day, you go back to your lux lifestyle and they’re starving, freezing and sleeping on the street – but you don’t care. Because you gave them a sandwich, your “good deed” for the day is done and you can go to bed with a clean conscience.

    1. I am going to show this comment above and reply to expose the ignorance that some people have in the world. First off Chris don’t be so quick to comment on my “lux” lifestyle which by the way I have taken the liberty to look up the definition for you just in case you used the word incorrectly http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/lux.

      Moving along. It was not too long ago that I myself was homeless. Before you go attempting to attack someone else why don’t you attempt to gain some understanding about their perspective? You have no idea who I am, where I come from, or what is in my heart. Further more I do not behoove you to comment on someone’s life with such lack of intelligence i.e. the foul language you used above. When people start attempting to express themselves with a weighted opinion and show their lack of eloquence by cursing someone out and showing their limited knowledge about life it really takes away from whatever message you are attempting to express.

      I personally believe that due to your short sightedness in life and clear and present tunnel vision you missed the irony of our situation and the point of the message. I hope someone can wake you up to the sad nature of your current existence to potentially lend some understanding that you can borrow and perhaps one day truly apply to your life. It is comments and opinions such as this that make me think the world has come to a point of gridlock in which human beings fail to coexist in.

      Be careful when you start throwing stones at others. At the end of the day, you may only be throwing stones at yourself.

  3. I commend you for feeding the homeless. I have encountered the same problems. One day I will see twenty people the next day, none. There are many explanations, weather, how long it’s been since check day, perhaps they found some food and are together somewhere sharing it. Having no address, telephone or regular schedule they can be very elusive. ~ Dennis

    1. Dennis,

      Thank you for your kind an encouraging words. They are refreshing in comparison to another comment that I received which was fairly negative. I am glad there are positive people out there who don’t mind sharing what we have with those that are in need. I commend you as well for your efforts in helping the homeless.

      Be blessed.

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