To Be or Not to Be


Lately I have been talking to my alleged biological father.  I say “alleged” because I have yet to confirm whether or not he is my father.  Don’t get all Maury on me now!  Nonetheless I am very curious after talking with him whether or not he is my father.  Truth be told, I want him to be.  We have so much in common.  He is an artist though he is a counselor by profession.  He loves to paint, he shuns realism and prefers impressionistic and abstract art, and similarly I ADORE abstract art and impressionism influenced my art greatly.  Today in conversation he mentioned Jackson Pollock who is my hero in painting.  I love the way Pollock painted his canvases and I actually paint my abstract art the same way.  It is ironic how much we have in common.

In about two weeks we are going to get a DNA test to see if he is my father.  If he turns out not to be my father, I will be disappointed.  I enjoy talking to him, I even look forward to it.  If the DNA test shows that he is not my father this would be the end of the father-seeking road for me.  I don’t have any other leads.  He is my only lead, the only name I even know to look up so it would I would be at a dead end if he is not.

“To be or not to be, that is the question.” – Shakespeare


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