I LOVE when people want to help others.  It seems so few and far in between when I can meet an individual who WANTS to HELP PEOPLE.  Now a days I don’t even care what the motive is but if they serve (help) others with a sincere, glad, and pure heart I am that much more inclined to respect that individual.  For me the whole “networking” thing seems simple.  I have a good & or service that I am willing to provide, you may have the need for my goods & or services, OR you may KNOW someone who DOESBAM!!!  Then you connect with them or connect with them and pass them to someone.  I don’t get it, it seems as though it is not rocket science yet it is treated as though it is.  In the world of MINE-MINE-MINE, GIVE ME-GIVE ME-GIVE ME the quantity of people that genuinely want to help seems declining faster than the Panda Bear.  Do not allow me to go on ranting, the point to this is, I have found some great people that WANT to help and I am so grateful that I want to share.

For those who are still unaware (get on the bandwagon already 🙂 I am launching a children’s clothing line called Lamb*ER*Kay (picture the asterisk as a cloud) with my longtime best friend Leah aka “Licky” (we shall discuss later).  The concept is to take new and gently new garments then deconstruct them to reconstruct them and make them ours.  Approximately $3 of every garment sold will go to an orphanage in Tamu, Kenya.  About a month ago I created a page on where people contribute to your goal amount.  It is kind of like a twitter page in the essence that you can post updates as frequently as you like and everyone on your contact list will receive the update.  We set our goal high amongst the illuminated moon so if we fail we will still land amongst the starry night.  Well, we are landing in the SUCCESS rate and I am overjoyed by every bit of support.  We have raised 6.85% to our $10,000 goal (told you we went big) BUT the most exciting part is not how much we have raised BUT what we have been able to do with it.  I’m telling you the support has been tremendous!  As a result of the contributions we have applied for the trademark our name, we have Lamb*ER*Kay OFFICIALLY copyrighted (you can’t take it), AND we have been able to purchase all of the materials thus far WITH money still left over!  I am telling you GOD is GOOD!  It all goes back to PEOPLE WHO WANT TO HELP!


I have met a gentleman recently that actually inspired this post.  See adults who were in foster care at some point in life got the short end of the stick.  Somewhere along the way just like many children who have never endured foster care hardships of some sort affected us.  Despite that it is important to embrace the positives and there is a young man by the name of Danny that is helping former foster youth do just that.  Danny is creating posters to feature the artistic talent of former foster youth for the Foster Alumni Arts Tour.  As a former foster youth and artist I decided to send in my information.  I learned that the Foster Alumni Arts Tour features posters of artist’s work at conferences, school and church events, and other community gatherings.  This is a great way to network and get people with goods & or services in front of people who need those goods & or services.  I am glad that I have been graced the opportunity to cross paths with such altruistic individuals.  I only hope that I exuberate the same.

For those who are interested in participating in the Foster Alumni Arts Tour as a sponsor from a business or an artist please visit

Your opportunity awaits 🙂


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