Trust Your Gut


Ladies and gentlemen, I do say that you should ALWAYS trust your gut.  Now some of you are going to suddenly remember the burger and french fries that you declined for lunch and instead ate a “this lettuce might wilt tomorrow if I don’t eat it” guilt free salad but that is not the gut I am referring to.  Kudos by the way for telling your taste buds no and saying yes to healthy eating.  I think MObama might be wearing down on a few of us and rightfully so!  Notwithstanding, the gut I am referring to is your “inner peace.”  Some call it your conscious, some Christians refer to it as an unctioning, and in Sanskrit it may be called Nirvana.  Whatever you call it let it be your guide.

Over the past month and a half I have been unemployed.  In my last job I was MISERABLE.  I was an Associate Manager for Tumi and with 10 years worth of retail experience under my belt I was at the end of it all.  I had nowhere to go in retail with a B.F.A in Art.  I had hoped to move up the corporate ladder and do merchandising.  However, with distinct paths that do not cross at Tumi the store and corporate are two separate roads and I had come to the end.  My career crossroad!  I was encouraged by others to just find a job that was lucrative and later I could pursue the arts.  That just didn’t feel right! I know some people go to school and get a degree that will help them get a lucrative job but they are never happy with their six figures in the bank because they aren’t passionate about what they do. I once heard, “If you do what you love you will never work a day in your life.”  That is a paraphrased quote from the original said by the late Confucius but he had the right idea!  Now that’s the kind of LIFE I wanted to have.  I did not want to be someone who just went to work.  There doesn’t seem to be any meaning in that.  Going to a job that gives me the money I need and using it as a pit stop to get to the next place.  A girl can get stuck in that kind of role.  What about my dreams?  What about my destiny?  More importantly what about GOD’s plan for my life?  I do believe that one has to be practical but I also believe that one should always listen to their “gut.”  My gut was telling me it was time to go.  I had run my well dry and though there were moments at work where I had a good day I knew I was not at my potential.  See in life you have to know when to hold and when to fold.  A friend once told me that.  You have to know when you need to hold on despite your circumstance and you have to know when to fold, to let it go.  When you fold you may not know what tomorrow may bring.  You may have fear going out and being that entrepreneur, starting the business that you have been saying you will start for the past ten years,  wondering, “Will I fail?”  Sometimes you have to fold, listen to your gut, and let yourself be guided by your inner peace.

I had an awakening a few years ago where I received this prophecy from a woman at church.  She said that she had a vision of me writing a book and I was old.  She also told me that it was through modeling that I would receive a “high paying” photography job.  It was not so much about the “prophecy” as it was the vision I already had in my heart.  In my heart I wanted to write a book about my life before ever meeting her and without me ever telling her.  I had already changed my major from Political Science to Art pursuing photography and design.  She in fact was not telling me anything new she was actually telling me what God had been telling me.  That was confirmation.  For me that is my inner peace.  It is God telling me, “Nope don’t go left go right.  Don’t get in that car, take a different route.”  I choose to follow him because I trust him.  He can see ahead but I can’t.  So when God told me, “You are at the end and I have a new beginning.”  I said, “God I don’t know how, I don’t know when but I need to follow you.”  I did and I have never looked back.  A month ago I was wondering, “ When am I going to see what God has promised me.”  Today I am no longer in a dead end retail job, I am launching a children’s line with my best friend, I am networking like crazy, and I have received an offer as a professional photographer.  I am doing what I love for the first time since I graduated 3 years ago and I am happy, excited, and thankful.  Most importantly I believe I am exactly where I am destined to be.

Listen to your gut.  Your inner peace will always lead you down the right path.  It is our fears, our stubbornness, our lack of faith that prevent us from living up to our potential.  How full is your gut?


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