Put Up The Fight!


“But if your gonna fight and struggle, do it for something good.” – Cyndi Lauper, Vogue August 2013.  As I am struggling to finish reading page by page of the Vogue issue for August 2013 I came across an article about Cyndi Lauper titled, “True Colors.”  This article, “True Colors” got me thinking about my own true colors.  I absorbed word after word and line after line of inspiration spewing into my insides as I learn the tales of Mrs. Cyndi Lauper from her eclectic style to her claim to fame by way of rebellion.  Rebellion to conform to the “norm,” rebellion to be against mainstream, and the rebellion to frankly just be different!

As a result I begin to hear the characterizations that others have labeled on me including but not limited to eclectic, eccentric, confidant, rebellious, and amazing!  Though my newbie friend Robert acclaimed to me and my best friend at the recent 20th Street Block Party, “You are gorgeous, glamorous what did you do?  Have a private jet drop you down here.” In which her and I shared a moment of knowingly splendid eye contact before erupting into laughter.  We in fact did not have our private jet drop us at the 20th Street Block Party (yet) but we did ride the Bart into the city which is frugal and well frugal and then we walked approximately ten blocks to this must-go-to-network extravaganza which we were not sure would be extravagant.  Nonetheless we found ourselves unknowingly, undesirably being the life of the party for Robert, his best friend, and I think the group of VIP’s that Robert swept us into.  It was indeed in fact an extravaganza and meeting Robert alone made it so.

See I say all of that to say it is very importante (important for the non-latino speakers) to know what you are destined to be.  What kind of company do you keep?  Who do you attract?  The laws of physics do not only apply to scientific research.  Everyday we are exerting this thing called ENERGY.  I have learned the kind of people I attract.  In the past it wasn’t always the best but it certainly was not always the worst.  It is nothing new for my Licky (Leah) and I to be out and about when we seemingly fall into the right place at the right time meeting the right people.  Some people call it coincidences, some call it fate, I call it destiny.  This is what I LOVE about life.  It does not matter what you wear, the colors of your eye shadow, or whether or not these colors are appropriate after labor day or before the next NY Fashion Week.  It is about who is wearing those colors and what you are exerting.  Don’t be afraid to wear canary yellow in the dead center of winter!  I do it!  I think I am summer all year long with no apologies and the crazy thing is PEOPLE LOVE IT!  Why? Because I LOVE IT!  People can tell what is on the inside because if you let it that will shine on the outside.  If you are positive people will see.  If you are negative people will see.  However, if you spend your entire life trying to keep people from seeing chances are they are going to see things that aren’t even there and then your going to spend the rest of your life trying to comprehend why.  Trust me, I’ve been there.

Foster care taught me a slew of things but one thing it taught me was how to wear a mask.  Oh, I wore a mask and I am not talking about MAC makeup.  Everyday I wore a mask to hide my pain.  I used athletics as an outlet so people really couldn’t see.  Running was my passion but it was also my outlet, it became my god.  I did not have to focus on the pain because out there on the track it was just me and me.  The only thing that I was concerned about was performing.  The only thing I accepted was first place.  Slowly but surely life took over that joy and when it was all said and done I had REAL issues to face.  I had never really allowed myself to slow down and FEEL pain.  It was in my early years where I learned the concept, “…if your gonna fight and struggle, do it for something good.”

So now I am and it has been a long time in the making.  I fight for good even when others think I am only fighting for myself.  I fight the most in the area of being better and getting to that next level in life.  Some may look at me and think, “She is just trying to achieve fame, make a few million.”  What they don’t see is the talents that I have been blessed with to achieve this said “fame.”  Some strive for fame for fame’s sake, but some strive for their dreams and they understand the consequences that come with them such as the infamous “fame.”  See when I look at my dreams I think about what it would mean for my family.  It would mean around the clock doctors and the best treatments for my mother who has been ill for far too long.  It would mean I could give my big brother the finances to go to college because he was not as fortunate as I was.  It means my nieces and nephews if ever faced with foster care would not have to live the life my siblings and I lived.  It would mean I could help my husband’s family back in Africa where poverty exists on another level.  Furthermore it means that Licky and I could fund at best one orphan in Africa to be able to have a chance at life.

Put up the fight, even if it is in the smallest of ways.  Even if you think no one is watching or benefiting from you desire for greatness, kindness, and love.  Achieve whatever it is that is in your heart.  If it is being the best server you can be in a restaurant or the best fashion designer you can be put up the fight.  That one meal could spread a thousand ripples of kindness and that one garment could make the next big CEO feel so great they may donate to a third world country.

So put up the fight, if your going to fight and struggle, you might as well do it for something good right?


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