“If it’s comfortable, it can’t look good” – Donatella Versace


As I flipped through the pages of my overdue July 2013 issue of Vogue the blurred lines of fashion that is on the tip of my tongue sings to me at the turn of each page.  I am sitting on the Bart on my way to the city with my best friend by my side.  We are headed to go network at a block party for the launch of our children’s clothing line http://www.gofundme.com/3z1wes. I am exhausted as the week has been jam-packed with job interviews.  I am also uncomfortable and part of me really did not even want to go to this block party.   However, as the Bart blurs past stop after stop slowly approaching our destination I am filling my eyes, head, and heart with inspiration from Vogue.  “My mom always says that if it’s comfortable, it can’t look good.”  I am suddenly awakened by this epiphany that I have had many moons over yet somehow have currently forgotten.  I look over at my best friend and look down at my outfit and suddenly my lethargy makes sense, more sense than my outfit that I was slightly unsure of.

BCBG black patent leather flats with silver and gold embellishments on the heel, floral printed tights pulled to my waist with a black collard half crop top and distressed crop jean vest.  The outfit was a perfect blend between grunge and sophistication as I topped this ensemble off with classic pearls and a ponytail.  Despite the confidence in my outfit I was not very comfortable which is unusual.  Gone are the days where I dress cute for the sake of fashion despite the elements.  When I was younger I would wear a lighter jacket than what was necessary simply because it went with my outfit.  The city is cold at night and I knew we would be outdoors at this block party and I did not want to look ridiculous or FEEL ridiculous more importantly just because I would rather be cute than warm.  There was no jacket in my closet that suited the creation of this ensemble without clashing with this lovely distressed cropped denim jacket turned vest by way of surgery on the sleeves that I lulled out of my best friends closet.  What was a girl to do?  Take the comfort and sacrifice my outfit or take the outfit and suffer the cold?  I grabbed a leather jacket that was the closest to accommodating my dashing look and figured I would think about it on the way to the station.  Then suddenly I remembered those dashing older sophisticated women that I have seen who wear their cardigans over their shoulders instead of putting the cardigan all the way on.  It always screams SOPHISTICATION to me so that is what I did and no one was the wiser.

“If it’s comfortable, it can’t look good.”  Donatella said it best and I am glad that she did because that sentence pulled my entire week together and gave me the caffeine dose I needed for the night.  I remembered what God is doing in my life and why.  It has been uncomfortable looking for a job that is my DREAM job.  It has been uncomfortable getting into the groove of being married and being a stepmother.  I have been uncomfortable in pursuit of my career goals, my dreams, my life.  Constantly waiting for my big break, constantly in pursuit of my BIG BREAK only to continue to feel defeated.

Life is not comfortable but as the microwave generation we shun all things that encroach on our comfortability.  We need to understand AND accept that in life, there will be growing pains and they are not comfortable.  Do NOT let that deter you from the vision that is in your heart.

I felt very uncomfortable at the beginning of that night, but no one seemed to notice.  They flocked to me and my best friend time and time again asking for a dance and complementing us on how dashingly gorgeous we looked.  And just to think I felt uncomfortable until I read that sentence, then I found the confidence in my discomfort.


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Photo Credit: http://1ms.net/barb-wire-210276.html


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