I Almost Didn’t Until, I Did

Have you ever looked back at life and remembered that you almost didn’t?  Almost didn’t go on that trip where you had an epiphany, almost didn’t say yes to date the guy that you ended up marrying, almost didn’t say yes to the job that landed you in the best position of your career?  That is how I feel today.  I almost didn’t make a page on GoFundMe.com and I almost didn’t raise $570.00 to go towards the investment of the children’s clothing line that my friend and I are launching.  I am glad I said yes!

I heard about GoFundMe.com a couple of months ago and bounced it off my best friend and business partner.  We decided we would give it a try but I was still hesitant.  It took me two months to actually put the page together and it literally only took about 5 minutes if that.  GoFundMe.com is a website where you can create a page to raise funds for whatever your goals are.  For my best friend and I we felt it would be a great way to get the community to invest in our business venture.  We are in the process of launching a clothing line for children where a portion of every garment sold will be donated to Tamu Orphans which is an orphanage based in Tamu, Africa.  I am on the Board of Advisors and I feel like it is a great opportunity to give back to the community and make a difference in the lives of our future leaders.

Today was a great day, and to think, I almost didn’t until, I did!



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