How To Win A Job…


The beauty of looking for a job is strenuous, arduous, and frankly depressing.  I have been searching for a job for let’s say about four months now and I am exhausted.  Seeking employment that suits ones basic needs is fairly simple.  Searching for a job that sets one on a career path is another ball game entirely.  I have embarked on a search that sets me on the straight and narrow path to my career.  My approach has become specific from The Golden City to the salary range I prefer.  These specifications have reduced the jobs I am willing to apply to and conditions I am willing to accept in a place of employment.

Recently I have taken a new approach to job hunting.  I no longer think in terms of how a job will provide for me in retrospect to the checklist that we mark when approaching a company.  Usually the checklist is along the lines of:

  1.  Compensation
  2. Benefits
  3. Relevancy of Field
  4. Location

…and for me that has been about it.  My husband posed a new way of thinking reminding me that interviews are not just a time for us to be interviewed but to interview the company of interest.  This was enlightening for me, as I have often walked into an interview with the idea that I am to basically sell myself to get the job.  I have to market myself in lights that say, “I am the best candidate and let me tell me why you should hire me.”  What I should have been thinking is, “Why are you the company for me?  Why should I work for you?”  That small change in approach is the difference between accepting less than and negotiating for better.

Refinery29 had some great suggestions in ways to approach the job market to get the right job with the right pay.  I don’t know about you, but I have matured past the days of working for a job that has nothing to do with where I want to go in regards to my career.  Over are the days where I will work for a company that I am using as an interpretative showcase of my skills and abilities to be applied for my future “ideal” job.  It is no longer enough for me to work for a company where I occasionally merchandise product and market myself via resume as an individual capable of being a Creative Director based upon my educational background in Art.  Let’s face it, companies want to see experience on your resume where they have evidence that you have built and utilized skills specific to the job at hand.  Despite their desire to have a creative, problem solving employee who can think outside of the box they are not doing so themselves when they are seeking their perfect candidate.

Below are a few tips that I have learned from my experiences job hunting and articles that suggest ways to approach the job market that proves successful results.  Be prepared to win your “ideal” career!

Asking for a raise:

Nervous for your interview?

The Craigslist wars:

Do what you love!

Are you going to wear that?

Help, I am unemployed and losing it!

Reaching for the stars!

Go get ‘em tigers!


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