Committing Jobicide


“Jobicide” is not a word, yet, however, I am creating it at this very moment.  Somehow I feel like it has been developing over the past few days as I realize the built up frustrations in my job search.  I have committed myself to applying for at least ten jobs a day.  Though I am prepared for the day when I run out of jobs to apply for considering one would have to assume that the well would have “run dry” at some point or another.  Until then I am applying!  This is not an easy process as one cannot submit themselves with one click of a button.  If only life were that simple!  On the flip side I have found that some jobs can be applied to with one click and I tend to love that.  It is a very straightforward process that can be achieved in 5 simple steps as follows:

1) Read job description

2) Decide whether or not to apply

3) Click “Apply”

4) Attach resume

5) Feel accomplished

Step 5, “Feel accomplished,” is my favorite step as it truly provides a sense of gratification as if I just crossed the finish line to a marathon.  I will pause here to give condolences as it only feels appropriate following the Boston marathon which was bombed.  My reference to a “marathon” had no bearing or relation to the recent tragedy and yet the term “marathon” only seemed appropriate considering the accomplishment to complete that strenuous type of race.  One in which I have never accomplished since I have never applied myself to the one race that I am fairly confident I will NEVER subject my body to.  For those who are unaware, running is very healthy, BUT running on pavement for as long as it takes to train for and compete in a marathon is NOT healthy.  It is very damaging on the knees.

Now that I have thoroughly digressed I will get back to my committal of jobicide.

On second thought, now that I have got onto the topic of the Boston tragedy it feels to heavy to treat as a digression and move swiftly back to my search for a job.  I feel the need to indulge for a moment.

I find it difficult when a tragedy in the world occurs to identify directly with it.  Many people are sensitive and break at the instant delivery of news.  I tend to be a slow cooker.  The events have to (typically) play out a few times before it hits home for me.  This was not the case with the bombing in Boston.  I am so sick of people killing each other.  It is cliché, I know, but I can’t help it.  Every time I look up some killing is being reported and my heart is breaking.

As I stated, I have never ran a marathon, however I have crossed many a finish lines before.  I have been a runner for over a decade now and I can tell anyone who has not experienced the accomplishment of those few seconds prior to and after a finish line.  It is euphoric bliss.  Words do not adequately describe the feeling and I cannot imagine feeling a snippet of what these runners and onlookers experienced at the Boston Marathon.  The only thing I could do was position myself as that runner crossing the line or approaching the line to the sounds of an explosion ringing throughout my exhausted body causing my legs to buckle under me only to find nothing left below my knees.  People who run do so for a reason.  It is on some level a passion for even those who have no passion for it, as their disdain for running may become their motivation.  To take away that option for someone is sick and twisted.  I pray they find the individual who was responsible for this tragedy.  Anyone who can devise a plan of attack this way needs justice brought on him or her.  Motive anyone?

I feel as though I am a bit all over the place right now, as this blog did not start out to be a topic of the recent bombing.  Sometimes in life the direction changes and we are forced to go with it.  If not we fight it.  To do this is to go against the laws of nature and I assure you that we will lose that battle.  I look back on the 5-step process that I briefed over and I believe we can apply these steps to life.  Perhaps it won’t always feel that simple but perhaps it is necessary.

That makes me approach life slightly differently.  I have committed myself to living life.  Not just existing, but truly living and following through on the desires of my heart.  Therefore I must stay consistent.  There are days where I just keep clicking, “Apply.”  I have applied myself to my job, my family, my marriage, my endeavors then I have become discouraged and removed my application.  One thing I have not found on a job search website is the ability to “un-apply.”  I don’t think it exists.  One can decline a job if they are offered, but in theory once we send in our application we can’t un-apply.  So why do we do that in life?  Why are we un-applying ourselves in our marriages, our jobs, and in our life missions?

I challenge you as I challenge myself to attach yourself to the task given to you.  Whatever that task may be.  When you get discouraged, instead of giving up and withdrawing your application try reapplying.


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