Scratch My Back and I’ll…Leave You Hanging


What happened to the, “Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” principle?  Apparently it no longer exists as society continues to mold us into the, “every man for themselves” notion that is all too familiar.  I find it interesting when someone can genuinely look at me and say, “I am just trying to protect myself.”  I do get that and sometimes we get so hurt by people that looking out for ourselves is a necessary evil.  What about the people that are entrusted to your care by God?  When the pearly gates of heaven open up (assuming you believe in God) are you going to face His inquiries as to why you did not complete a mission He gave you by saying, “I had to protect myself God.”  Let us ponder the idea for a moment.  Easter is around the corner and Palm Sunday was this past weekend.  What of Jesus had he said, “Lord God, I need to protect myself” instead of dying on the cross for our sins?  Do you think our sins would be forgiven?  How would that had effected the freedom that we have today?

I am touching on this topic because I realize the rarity of good people and the scarcity of GREAT people.  I want to be someone GREAT to someone else.  Not because I prefer the label or attention, simply because I know what it is like to go without and to need.  Look at the job market for instance.  How many people in the world need jobs?  A lot!  I have one, but I desperately need a better one.  I am learning that people look out for themselves and rarely any further unless the benefit is upon them.  Countless times I have bubbled up someone’s resume or advised someone to go apply because I knew someone who was hiring and I knew someone who needed a job.  It is a no brainer.  I did not do it because I would get a bonus check.  There was not even an option of a bonus check!  People are quicker to pass on the latest biggest sales to random strangers but how often do we pass on information that could help someone in need?

It is a painful reality.  What has the world come to.  Granted I have not been on this earth but all of 26 years so perhaps the world has not come to anything.  Perhaps this is what it always was and has been.  Does it have to be that way forever?  I know it is cliche but don’t random acts of kindness spill over.  It is hard to despise someone who is loving you.  When someone does something nice it becomes a chain reaction.  There are times I have been at a stop light and saw a homeless person begging for money and no one has unrolled their window to give them anything.  Sometimes it will be minutes.  Now perhaps they were digging in their purse, maybe they did not see them yet however, I have unrolled my window to give them a dollar and instantly I have seen someone a few cars back do the same.  Whatever their motive was, they stopped to give.

Part of what has prompted me to write about this is that I have someone dear to me who is writing a book.  Recently they started blogging as well.  I am proud of them.  I even take the time to share their blogs with my peers and tell people about this book that is coming out.  I find myself marketing this individual more than I market myself!  Do you think they take the time out to say, “hey, so-and-so is writing a book.  She started this blog to help those in foster care cope with life and become educated on the struggles of post foster care life.”  No, they do not do that for me!  I have had this blog for almost a year and they recently asked me, “what are you blogging about?”  Seriously?  Not to mention that I have sent them links to my blog, they just never bother to read until I ask, “have you read my blog?” Yet like clockwork after every article they post I get an emailed link to their blog.  What kind of person would I be if I asked, “Why should I read your blog?  Do you read mine?  Do you take the time to promote me?”  Sometimes I am tempted to delete the link and treat this person the way they treat me.  With a lack of support.  Instead when I want to do that, I move my cursor to that little link that highlights before I click and I read.  Line by line, I read.  When I am conversing with a client at work and the opportunity presents itself I take the time to share with them the book and the blog of the individual who is near and dear to me.  Why?  I want them to be successful!  I support what they are doing.  Am I that interested in the topic?  Not really!  That does not matter because that is what friends do.  You back each other!  The best thing a person could have for them is someone standing in their corner, cheering them on.

Whose corner are you standing in?


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2 thoughts on “Scratch My Back and I’ll…Leave You Hanging

  1. As usual, a very good read. Thank you for the inspiring thoughts Brittany. I do know a handful of people that I can trust and will try to promote each other at every occasion. Hang in there sweety. The world will show you that there is a lot of love out there, but you need to be ready to take the leap! My motto is: do to others what you would like them to do to you and, even if they don’t reciprocate, well you know that you have done everything in your power for them, and that feeling is more rewarding that being a selfish, obtuse human being! I am proud of you!

    1. Thank you love. I really appreciate the encouragement as it is very needed. It is so interesting to read your words and feeling so close to you yet miles apart physically. We are so much like each other that it is nice to be reminded of who I am and how I should respond. I will continue to “do to others what [I] would like them to do to [me].” It is the best approach and most rewarding. You are right at the end of it being able to walk away and say, “I did everything I could,” feels so much better than wondering what could have been. In my past relationship it was the most healing perspective to have and allowed me to move on. Thank you.

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