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In America 80% of individuals who endured foster care end up incarcerated, on drugs, both, or dead.  20% go on to be what society deems “successful.”  I am part of that 20%, but I want to reach out to the other 80% and say, “you can make it too!”

Today as I sat in a massage chair getting a pedicure before heading out to a Gala fundraiser with my husband for a charity that sponsors healthcare for Africa, I read a magazine my husband picked up for me.  The magazine was about running.  As a athlete at a young age I ran very well.  I had aspirations to become an Olympic Athlete.  However, after getting an opportunity to model in New York I put my running career on hold to pursue a different dream.  The passion of running never left me and last year as my husband and I watched the Olympics on TV he suggested, “Honey you should go to the Olympics.”  I shoot a glance his way as I am folding laundry and he washing dishes and burst out laughing though in the back of my mind it was not that funny.  I knew I had the talent to go far in my athletic endeavors.  That combined with my work ethics became clear to me at a young age by my coach that the Olympics would be in my future if I chose to apply myself.  Now I am 26 years old and I am rekindling my passion for running.  Not just casual around the block running but I have the desire to compete again.  So this week my husband picked up a magazine for me titled, “Competitor” and inside was an article that spoke to my core as the water bubbled around my feet and the vibrations of the massage chair soothed my mind and I became inspired.  Bruce Cleland started a race that assists people diagnosed with Leukemia.  In 1986 his daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia at the young age of 2 years old.  A heart broken Bruce became inspired to birth Team in Training that raised $320,000 for the Leukemia Society of America by reaching out to local buisinesses and put together a group who ran in the NYC Marathon.  Today Bruce’s daughter Georgia, is 28 years old and the survival rate for someone with Leukemia has risen to 95% from a 55%.  This story inspired me as I have a heart that wants to give back especially to children.

In foster care there is a 20% successful rate for children.  Only 20% of children who have endured foster care in their lifetime go on to be a doctor, a lawyer, or a celebrity.  80% fall into drugs, incarceration, and death.  I graduated from a University in Texas with my entire education paid for in full.  Not because I was awarded a scholarship, though I was offered scholarships due to my athletic and scholastic achievements, but because I was a ward of the state.  There are only a few states that allow children who have gone through foster care the opportunity to pursue a collegiate education.  Less than 20% of states in the United States of America fund children who have endured foster care with the finances necessary to go on and be successful.  Less than 10% of the 20% allow individuals a lifetime opportunity to obtain a degree.  There are many things I do not like about Texas; it’s big, boring, and aesthetically unappealing HOWEVER, I am thankful to the state of Texas for my education.  In Texas due to being a ward of the state I can go to school and obtain a Bachelors, a Masters, and a Doctorate for FREE.  Wouldn’t that be great if children in every state had that luxury.  So much has been taken from them already, they are already flying with broken wings.  Why not give them an opportunity to make a difference?

After the article I started thinking.  Is there a race out there where the proceeds fund the entire education of children who have gone through foster care?  I did some research and did not find a race that does so. This gave me the desire to start a 5k race where the proceeds fund the entire education of a child who has gone through the system.  Children should be given a fair chance at life and I feel it is my duty to assist them in what life robbed them of.  After all, someone did the same for me.

Thank you, “Competitor” and Bruce Cleland for inspiring me.


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6 thoughts on “80 %

  1. I love when inspiration comes together all at the right time! What an incredible way to give back and be grateful for what you were given even when so much was being taken away. I’m looking forward to hearing how it all comes together!

    1. Thank you for reading my blog. I will be posting more about how this inspiration unfolds. I too love when things come together perfectly. It makes me stand back and wonder how life at the right time shows up when we least expect it.

  2. I am a relentless optimist and love to read about people like yourself who have come through what must have been a very difficult childhood to become an independent, functioning adult with great values and strength of character. I love the idea of your run & it’s cause.
    I am also a foster carer in Australia. We have a different system down here, but face many of the same issues where the system (not an ideal parent in any country) often fails the kids who are most vulnerable and adds another layer of abuse & neglect. But I have to say that I hope that the kids in my care – who I couldn’t love any more than I do – are not ‘enduring’ foster care. They are young, so they don’t even really know what foster care is. All they know is that they are loved and cared for, that each day brings new opportunities for fun & adventure, that they have a big family where foster & bio families care about & include each other. They are not in care for no good reason, but growing up knowing who you are, knowing the (age appropriate) truth and that even though life can be difficult, they are truly valued and loved has got to go a long way towards helping them become the kind of person you are.
    Good luck 20%. I hope you won’t be that number for much longer!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Further more thank you for devoting your time to increasing the 20%. It is people such as yourself that assist in the development of people like myself to become “independent functioning adult(s).”

      Now that the idea for the run & cause has been birthed it is a matter of getting it going. Im brainstorming on how to move forward.

      Thank you again for your words and everything that you are doing. I’m glad the children in your care are being well taken care of physically and emotionally. YOU are making a difference.

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