What if an anniversary is not happy?  What do you do?

I spent my entire life marking days I felt were of importance so that the next time it came around I could have what we humans call “memories.”  What happens when those “memories” are not pleasant yet painful?

Today was my one year anniversary and to put it VERY mildly it did not go as expected.  Trust that my expectations were not unobtainable.  In my disappointment I began thinking, why do I torture myself?  Why put so much meaning behind a day that might get ruined?  Not only that day but for every year after….as I am writing this it became clear to me.  I would rather live every day like I have nothing to lose than to live every day in fear of what I may never gain.  Fear is the one thing that can paralyze an individual and prevent them from accomplishing what they want in life, from obtaining the things they truly deserve.

We can spend the rest of our lives trying to protect ourselves from the unknown, but truth is the unknown may be the best thing that ever happened to us.  The unknown may be something we can not control, but it is the very thing that God designed for us.  If we knew what tomorrow held wouldn’t life be that much more boring.  It is like waking up and going to a job that you have to wear a uniform to day in and day out.  Some people like uniforms.  It allows them a simplicity where actually putting together an ensemble might cause them distress.

Long story short don’t shy away from days to make worth living.  Every day doesn’t have to be the same.  We can add a bit of individuality to who we are.  Maybe my anniversary was not so unpleasant.  Perhaps it lays the groundwork for something unique.  I can say that it was a day to remember….besides that is what life is all about right?….memories.


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