Giving Back

For a long time I have desired to get involved.  I have wanted to give back to a community that I came from.  A community of children who are hurting, broken, and in need.  As I was as a child, and someone helped me.  Many individuals contributed so that I could have gifts on Christmas morning, birthday gifts to unwrap, so that I could have clothes on my back and the daily essentials that we take for granted.

I went to a crab festival a few weeks ago and discovered that the festival was a fundraiser to raise funds for an organization that provides for a group of orphans in Africa.  I was instantly touched.  I wanted to know more about the organization.  What do they do?  More importantly I started to think, “How can I help?”

I approached one of the board members who is a friend of my husbands and inquired about the organization.  Later on I followed up with her to see if there was something that I could contribute.  I am happy to say that I believe this is an opportunity that God has presented to me.  Some may say or think that there are so many things occurring in our own country here in America and that I should help out here.  Well I plan to…I want to help anyone I can, in anyway that I can.

What can you do for someone today?


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4 thoughts on “Giving Back

  1. You’re a “global” citizen & your generosity has no borders. World would be a better place if more people were like you!

    1. Thank you. I sincerely appreciate your compliment as it is highly encouraging. Too often people don’t acknowledge others assuming either the person already knows and/ that someone is already telling them so there is no need to. That can be so damaging. This causes me to be extra grateful when someone takes the time to appreciate what I do an my efforts in life. I have always been fairly confident and independent. People think that people like me don’t need to be told encouraging things. They are so wrong. People such as myself are so often encouraging others with an empty cup because no one is doing the same for us. It’s a sad vicious cycle called “My Life.”

  2. And “My Life” too. People are used to ME being the helper, but b/c I’m independent it’s assumed *I* don’t EVER need help

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