Relation or ship

Relationships seem to be the topic of my life.  Family, friends, significant others.  The list goes in a cycle that is repeated day after day, month after month, year after year for myself and others.  People come into our lives and sometimes they go.  Why hasn’t  the human race conquered relationships?  Why do we choose relation or choose the ship?

I take it has something to do with being alone.  The solitude of the number ONE.  I tried to be alone.  I did it successfully for years.  Though I am not sure how someone could be successful at being “alone” but I made the most of it.  I had to learn how to be alone and it was not easy.  I would take myself out on dates.  Though I do not think I was entirely happy, I tried to convince myself that I could be happy alone.  I would treat myself to dinner and listen to live jazz at coffee shops, and attend poetry slams.  I treated myself to all the things that a couple would enjoy experiencing together.  As I explored how to be alone I explored the depths of my soul as well as my surroundings.  This exploration did not come by desire but by force.  After a breakup that ripped through my emotions I had to learn how to be happy without him.  That was not an easy task as I had no desire to be with anyone else.  As a result I did what many women do; I waited for him to come back.  In the process I had to occupy my time and I did so by learning to be alone.

For the most part I knew who I was, I knew what defined me but as many do I learned who I was with my significant other.  Without them the dynamic of who I was had gone through a transformation.  I now had the before and after. The product of who I was versus the result of who I became throughout the course of a relation-ship.

So how do we go from relationship to relation vs ship?  We grow apart.  We learn things we did not think we would learn about each other.  We damage the imperfect image that we had of each other then you end up in a relation with your partner on a separate ship.  How do you connect again, become one again, adore again.  Sometimes the path is not simple.  Both individuals are required to swim through the ocean separating them from one another to combine the relationship.

Food for thought for a later time….


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