I would like to believe that I do not judge others but I am afraid this is one of my worst self acclaimed attribute.  It is not desirable.  It is not intentional and yet I find myself in a constant battle of criticism.  Criticism of self and of others.  I repent trying to rid myself of such a sin yet I find myself doing it.  I was trained to critique.  It was the moment of the week to see each others work in front of a classroom alongside your own latest creation for the purpose of “critiquing” in college.  It takes a certain etiquette to do so elegantly.  One should not say only negative things but one should focus on the positives as well.  I have learned that the hamburger effect is best used in critiquing where one points out the positive (ie the bread) then the negatives (ie the meat) then finishes with a positive.  Today I went against what I know how to do.  I blotted all the negatives first then ended with the positives.  Result = no bueno!  People do not receive criticism well when you start with a negative because that automatically puts them on the defense.  I apologize to the one I did this to today.  It was not right of me.  I feel bad when I hurt others.  I do not want to see someone I love hurt nor do I enjoy seeing anyone hurt.  I am a humanitarian in that respect.

I found out today that I am bias regarding a situation where my dislike is motivated as a result of the pain someone has caused a loved one.  I can’t stand this person for what they did to the person I love and it makes me hurt.  It is not right to judge others as we don’t know what their intentions are.  We should give them the benefit of the doubt.  I should give them the benefit of the doubt and I will try.  It will not be easy because injustice boils my blood.

Has anyone ever felt that way?

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