Getting Involved

It has been a while since my last post.  I sort of lost the…mmm what is the right word?  Not desire but confidence perhaps.  I feel I should be writing these blogs and then I wonder, who is reading them? What is the purpose?  Then I feel God nudging me telling me write them anyway so I am going to write more often.

I have been recently married and what a joy it is.  Hours ago I was laying in the bed in tears and my husband’s gentle spirit inspired me to write.  So while he was telling me his evening plans to go for a run and work on his book in addition to get some much-needed paperwork filled out I decided, “Bre, make some java and get to work”.  So I am thinking about my new marriage (that has me so excited that I could scream, literally scream) and I have been reading a book titled “The Sweet Talk of Success!”  Originally I picked up this book because I thought it would help me approach my marriage with insight on what being a wife entails, requires, and demands.  It has helped in that area however, it gave me a few ideas about how to get involved.  I would like to share a few.

Advocate for kids via  You help review cases and recommend to courts what you believe is best for the children and there is no legal expertise required.  For those like me who grew up in foster care what a great way to make a difference.  My husband has been suggesting that I attend law school so this really stuck out to me.  I’m seriously considering attending law school.  Originally before I changed my major to Art I was pursuing a degree in Poli Sci and planned to attend law school.  Unfortunately the legal system in conjunction with my own experiences in foster care led me away from that plan.  I just could not imagine signing myself up for more pain.  I felt I had endured enough and that I could find a different way to give back.  Now I can sense God reminding me of the seed HE planted in my heart long ago.  I have such a desire to make a difference in the world.  So much passion for children that it would be a waste.  I want to wait to have kids of my own but man can I feel the desire.  In due time though….everything in due time.

Get involved…it is one of the best things you can do.


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